This week has been so nice …  temps in the 80s with a bit of rain and loads of sunshine. Aren’t such days just the best! Especially right in the middle of summer!

I have been able to spend so much time in THYME OUT! I know as a child that has a different meeting but that is the name of my new outside potting space. Seriously, pinch me! 

This week Mr. G made the last of my “furniture” for “Thyme Out”…  a framed piece of fencing to go over one of the work tables. I LOVE fencing and use it everywhere I can. I can’t believe this is my workspace. Happy retirement to me! So grateful. 

I find I use this space almost on a daily basis… planting seeds, taking cuttings, and keeping things “potted up.” It is the perfect place to have my early morning routine of coffee and devotions.


This week I got back to work on my topiary projects I started last year and even started some new ones! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that video. For my local friends, that covered wire I featured was bought at Franks Nursery and Crafts. Yes, that sure “dates” that wire!

I might have mentioned to Mr. G that I was concerned about what would happen this winter to Thyme Out and maybe we need to enclose this whole space. He rolled his eyes and went about his business. He’s smart. 😉


They are still here and still disgusting but they are certainly fewer than last year and I am grateful for that. 

Rose blooms are precious and few. Most of the roses have been “cut back” so that they aren’t as attractive to the Japanese Beetles.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the old garden rose Queen of Denmark who was not blooming was being devoured! It isn’t just the blooms they want. They are also devouring my pole beans! #nastycreatures


Calypso (Easy Elegance) just keeps going - defying the heat and the beetles.

Loving the Stokes Asters right now as they nestle up to the daylilies and BoBo Hydrangea!

New to my garden, Dame Judi Dench – David Austin
Good bug / Bad bug

It is finally oriental lily season! I was not sure how many we would have this year. Remember that nasty May FREEZE. We covered all we could but not all of the lilies were protected and many were damaged and are not blooming this year. But some of there are spectacular!

I had a special bokay to make recently and wasn’t sure if the garden had any roses to add but I found some! 

The peachy rose closest to my hand in the bokay above is Papi Delbard. Isn’t it just stunning!

Papi Delbard is a fairly new rose to my garden. Beautiful, fragrant and healthy! For many years I have heard about the Delbard roses from great rose friend Paul Zimmerman. So glad I now have a few of them! I purchased mine from Palatine Roses. They are also available from Roses Unlimited. You might want to take a look!


If you’ve grown roses for very long, you have most likely had to learn about the dreaded Rose Rosette Disease. 

Recently I chatted with the very popular Dr. Mark Windham, Distinguished Professor in Ornamental Pathology at the University of Tennessee. He shares the latest news on a very unpopular subject RRD. Mark talked about where the research stands at this time as well as the research funding and he reminds home gardeners what to look for, where to find the correct information and what to do.

Listen Here.

Friends, so glad you stopped by today!

Wishing you good health, cooler temps and plenty of blooms. 



  1. Hello, Is that a Stargazer lily variety? Here in the Commonwealth of VA we are able to grow the most beautiful camellias with their blooms beginning in the fall, and some of them bloom right into spring. We float them in pretty glass bowls like a very large brandy sniffer or a round small bowl to fit the size of the camellia bloom (just like in a Rose Show). So, I cut my roses and buds early in the morning and float them in bowls before the Japanese Beetles find them. The roses are there to greet me in the morning, and I have had roses blooming for the past two or three weeks or longer. Of course, I cut the stems completely off of the roses and put them into water right away. That way, I can really enjoy seeing their beauty. I also compost and do not use sprays or chemicals, so eventually the rose petals end up in my compost bin along with other spent flowers. A win-win solution! I still handpick the beetles off of the roses and their leaves a few times during the day. I do hope you will try my suggestion to having perfect roses to enjoy indoors day and night for a few days.

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