Bloom Thyme Friday: 2020 Standouts: Part 1

For the next few weeks, I want to share with you some of the roses and plants that were standouts this year.

Whether you call her ‘Garden and Home’ or ‘Moonlight in Paris’, she’s still a beauty and a standout in my garden this year!

I was first introduced to this outstanding Delbard rose as ‘Garden and Home’ in the beautiful garden of American Rose Society President, Bob Martin in San Diego, CA. Bob and Dona Martin have one of the prettiest private rose gardens I have ever seen, so to have this rose stand out in a sea of other gorgeous roses is high praise indeed.

Here she is in the Martin’s garden along with a few of her gorgeous neighbors…

Fast forward to spring 2020 when so many things were going wrong! One thing that went so right was my purchase of two of these beauties through the Indianapolis Rose Society’s annual rose sale as ‘Moonlight in Paris.’  These roses were purchased from Lincoln Nursery. 

A BIT OF HER HISTORY (From Help Me Find Website)

This rose was introduced in 2001 in France as ‘Garden and Home’ to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the South African gardening magazine Garden and Home.

Introduced in US by Heirloom Roses, Inc. (USA) in 2011 as ‘Moonlight in Paris’. 

Introduced in US by Certified Roses in 2018 as ‘Moonlight in Paris’.


Also from the Help Me Find Website is winter hardiness information for roses. Moonlight in Paris is recommended for USDA zones 6b through 9b. I garden in 5b, so she will need some winter protection.

Here winter protection for a container rose is either bringing the container into our dark and slightly heated garage and give it some water once a month or taking it out of the container, trimming it back, and burying it. I am still not sure which I will choose but I have had success with both. 

I highly recommend ‘Moonlight in Paris,’ it has been in bloom all summer. Right now the 2nd week of September it is covered in bud and bloom. These blooms are not only the large full old-fashion form that I love, but they also have fragrance!

June Blooms


September blooms.


Good rose friend, Paul Zimmerman, has been singing the praises of Delbard Roses to me for nearly a decade. He was soooo right. I now have ‘Moonlight in Paris’ to go with my two other Delbard Roses that are doing very well too:

Soeur Emmanuelle 

Photo courtesy of Palatine as I can’t find any images of mine!

Papi Delbard (climber)

I couldn’t find a picture of Papi Delbard blooms on my shrub but they are in this bokay… the one closest to my hand and the one at the bottom. Lovely blooms!

If you are interested in purchasing Delbard Roses, you might try these suppliers. And, if you know of other nurseries who are selling these roses, leave a comment below!

Roses Unlimited
Palatine Roses 


Assessing the garden while it is still full of life as you plan for the next year is one of my favorite pleasures of fall. 

Another fall pleasure… As I write, leaves are falling like gentle rain from my huge Skyline Honey Locust. It is beautiful and peaceful. So quickly the landscape changes. 

Wishing you health and safety as we continue to manage through unprecedented times. Aren’t we all ready for PRECEDENTED times!


8 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: 2020 Standouts: Part 1

  1. I always look forward to your weekly posts. Thank you for sharing your garden, not just your roses. ‘Midnight in Paris’ reminds me of a rose I grew for first time last season, ‘Mother of Pearl,’ which I think I’ve enjoyed more than any other rose in my garden. I live in North Central Louisiana, and sometimes the color in light-colored roses fade almost instantly in summer. Not so with ‘Mother of Pearl.’

    Thanks again for such an interesting blog. Gaye Ingram

  2. I, too, have a rose that looks a lot like Moonlight in Paris. Its name is Bridal Pink, and I just love it (like your third photo of the two roses). Have you seen the movie, “Midnight in Paris,” and I may have asked you that question before? I really think that you would enjoy seeing this movie. It is a movie about time travel, past and present. Your roses look very healthy. How many roses do you have to take care of in your garden? I always enjoy seeing your beautiful photos. They are such a delight. Thank you!

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