BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Has your weatherman been cussing?

This week a friend told me that she actually heard the weatherman say, “today I’m going to use the “F” word.” All gardeners in my zone know exactly what that means. 🥶FROST🥶. The beginning of the end. 😩 

So far we have hovered over the frost line but not by much. Our typical “frost date” is October 10 but we’ve had snow in early October so best to be ready. Around here we have launched into winter prep at warp speed. Finalizing projects, getting plants planted, gathering and cleaning up containers for storage, finish tying up climbers, and my biggest job – taking down THYME OUT. It’s been a spring and summer of incredible fun setting up and working in this space! If you are new here, you may not know the background, so here is where we started and where we are now.

Once there was a potting bench in a cultivated area… but slowly over time the horrible, invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (link) took over and choked out all the pretty stuff. Well to be honest Japanese Honeysuckle is pretty with the fragrant blooms and pretty berries. But, it takes over and chokes out everything in its path.

Last fall I took my handy recip saw and got started clearing Japanese Honeysuckle. Little did I know that we would have so much extra time in the spring ! Our first COVID project was what became THYME OUT – my outdoor workspace. There was plenty to do, cut down trees, remove debris, stumps, bring in extra soil, put up some fencing and Mr. G added to his list — building my work tables. Let it be known… I only wanted one small table. 😳 He had extra time and as he watched me work in the space, he said you need more! Yay!!! What a gift! I practically emptied the potting shed with pots and tools! Now it’s “Thyme” to take everything back inside for the winter.


While we are on the subject of COVID projects…

One evening I dreamed out loud about having some small countertop size drying boxes. 

The next day Mr. G said, “What size do you want the boxes? I have some extra wood!” 😳 WOW. Having so much time at home sure changed production time! In a few days, I had these! They are 9″ x 13″ and fit in so many places!

Up in the attic, there are large drying racks that I used back in the day when I made herbal arrangements, wreaths, and Christmas Tree Decor as a little “cottage industry.” But these boxes are just the perfect size for drying herbs for cooking and for tea! ☕️

Tea is almost ready. (Rose Petals, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Sweet Mint)



This year we’ve needed less thinking time and more doing time! And, our answer to that was PROJECTS. We have always been a project family (Just ask our kids – they are project people too!) and this works for us. Were there projects that you were able to accomplish with your extra time?

I’ve always heard that when God closes a door, he opens a window. These days I  that happening over and over. While we are so grateful for what we do have, we never stopped missing our family, friends, and freedoms. And pray for the days when we are together again. 


Don’t tell ‘The Faun’ winter is coming soon, she is happily in denial!!  #metoo 



With the chill in the air, we decided to make chili. We used a new recipe from John and Donna Hefner. This is the recipe that John likes to make for Colt’s tailgating and we had the opportunity to try this chili at a chili cookoff for the Indianapolis Rose society a couple of years ago. It is so good … so if you want to try a chili recipe that has a special ingredient… here you go.

Yes, cocoa!!



Friends, take care, and let’s keep getting creative with how we can safely fill our days and live out our purpose. I’d love to hear your ideas! 😘

8 thoughts on “BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Has your weatherman been cussing?

  1. I am going to make chili today, and I love Hershey’s Cocoa (candy, baking chips, ice cream). Thank you for the recipe. My husband and I visited the Huntington Rose Garden in Newport News, VA, this week and saw the sculpture, Due (pronounced Do-ay), once again and some beautifully named roses that were still blooming. There were Orchid Romance, Summer Romance (which I almost bought one time), Yellow Submarine, etc.. I did see the Peggy Martin rose still blooming. The sculpture was done by a Japanese fellow. You must google it and see the video and photo of it. Summer Romance is a pink rose. Bet your grandsons would love your having the pretty Yellow Submarine rose. Remember the song? Weather is gorgeous here in VA!!! My husband put up a storage shed recently. He is really handy also. Love your drying trays and your blog. Thank you!!! Did you see the Harvest Moon last night, 10-01-2020? If not, you and your husband should be able to see it again tonight, 10-02-2020. It is so bright! If you do not see it early, look for it later in the evening (around 9:00 PM or maybe even a little earlier).

  2. I always love reading your Friday Bloom Thyme articles but, especially love that you included the recipe for your chili. Being born and raised in Cincinnati and loving the local chili, I can’t wait to try this recipe with the cocoa! I too have been working on putting my garden to bed.

  3. Oh no, frost is minimal here. In fact it is not cool enough for several cultivars of apple. I sometimes think that more chill would be nice for some plants, but would then limit others.

      1. I happen to like the climate here, but it is all I know. I thought I would get to experience some ‘real’ winter weather while in Oklahoma, but it did not get cold until after we left.

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