Growing Roses & Growing Friends


Through the American Rose Society, I have rose friends from all over the country that enrich my rose hobby. This society exists to promote the culture and appreciation of the rose, through education and research to members, to local rose societies and their members and to the public.

Locally our rose growing season is coming to an end, but, like NYC, the American Rose Society is an organization that never sleeps. There will be something going on all winter long. If you are not a member, isn’t this a perfect time to join! So many rosey benefits!


The ARS is having their annual board meeting this week. Today they released the year in review. Fun to seeย what’s going on in the world of the American Rose Society! Look closely, there might be a sighting of yours truly.๐Ÿ˜‰


Most ARS members are home gardeners who enjoy growing roses and want to expand their knowledge of rose culture. Starting now gives youย all winter for learningย and getting ready for spring!ย ย If you are not ready to take on a full membership, give it a try with the cost effective TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and see what you think.



  • Free advice from Consulting Rosarians.
  • Free or reduced garden admissions,ย a $25 value after just 3 uses.
  • Free online access to five quarterly bulletins,ย a $45 value.
  • 2 issues ofย American Roseย magazine,ย $16 value.
  • Discounts of up toย 30%ย at merchant partners.
  • A four-month trial membership is valued at $86 for only $10!

ARS and You (2)And one of my fav ARS member benefits currently is the monthly newsletter. I am the editor! To see aย sample of the newsletter,ย read on here.
For the trial membership,ย complete theย online formย or call 800-637-6534.

New ARS Website coming soon!


In this organization I have met some amazing people of all ages. We are all at different stages of the gardening experience and have different passions. Some are into just growing while others with the competitive spirit, enter the most amazing blooms and arrangements in competitions! We have those who use chemicals and others who are all organic. Some members have 1 rose and some have 500 roses.

But it is so much moreโ€ฆ

We spend time enjoying all things โ€œroseโ€ together. We learn, we laugh, we celebrate successes and we deal with failures & issues together. Itโ€™s not just roses that keep us together, over the yearsโ€“we have become family and you are welcome anytime!

This year we have had members coming from Marion, Kokomo, Bloomington and most of the surrounding burgs!ย 

This week we had our last official meeting of the year but are already making big plans for next year. You can keep up with what’s going onย by subscribing toย our blog at INDIANAPOLISROSESOCIETY.COM. You will receive posts in your email as we “post” them. We begin meeting again the second Tuesday in March at 6:30 pm at the Sullivan Munce Center in Zionsville. Get it on your calendar!ย 


Come grow with us!

These guys know how to say “welcome home”!

Last week when I left home for the Biltmore, there was not very much going on in the garden. (A post about the incredible Biltmore Rose Trials is coming very soon!)

Back to the garden… Something changed while I was gone. Rain. Lots of rain. The rain came and things started blooming! You can water and water and water but nothing is like a good soaking rain.

Caution... excessive garden pictures to follow...


Lady Ashe


Sunshine Daydream


Belinda’s Dream


Belinda’s Dream


Petit Pink




More Quietness


Moje Hammarberg Rugosa


Dick Clark




Flamenco Rosita


Flamenco Rosita 2


View from the Potting Shed porch.


Some of them were ready to come inside! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am enjoying every single one of them! It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye for the winter. You are going to have to help me through it!

Wishing you a wonderful day and a warm welcome wherever you go!

5 Exhibition Roses To Awaken The Exhibitor In You

The American Rose Society Vice President, Bob Martin, joined us recently on Rose Chat to chat about his top 5 exhibition roses and a few other things as well!

Exhibiting roses is a fun and rewarding hobby. We believe deep inside most every rose grower is an exhibitor waiting for an opportunity to show the world their blooms. This Top 5  list includes one rose that gets as big as a Volkswagen! Well, at least in Bob’s garden…

Click on the icon below to listen…

IMG_5669 copy

Here are the roses Bob chatted about:

Click the links to view photo’s and purchase information for these roses from online retailers. 

Rose de Rescht – Old Garden Rose (OGR)
Joy – Miniature
Julia Child – Floribunda
Butter Cream – Miniflora
Dona Martin – Hybrid Tea

Bob's Julia Child ... Yes, maybe it is as big as a Volkswagen!
Bob’s Julia Child … Yes, maybe it is as big as a Volkswagen!


Bob Martin is the current Vice President of the American Rose Society. He has been growing roses for 44 years and maintains a garden of over 400 varieties.

He is an ARS Master Rosarian, an Accredited Horticultural Judge and an Accredited Arrangements Judge. Bob is the Chairman of the American Rose Society Horticultural Exhibitor’s Committee and Editor of the American Rose Society quarterly publication, the Rose Exhibitors’ Forum. He maintains a website covering U.S. rose shows at as well as a Facebook site for Rose Exhibitors’ Forum. Bob has also been an Editor of Horizon Roses for 21 years and the National Editor for ten years. He is the author of the book “Showing Good Roses” and was honored for his lifetime contribution to rose education as a 2009 recipient of the ARS Klima Medal.

Bob is one of the top exhibitors in the United States and the recipient of numerous awards including the 2007 recipient of the ARS Guy Blake Hedrick Jr. Award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting. During his 30 year exhibiting career, he has shown roses in more than 220 shows, winning more than 1,400 trophies in every exhibiting class, including 13 national trophies. Bob has also judged an additional 84 shows and is a frequent lecturer at judging schools through out the country.

An avid hybridizer, he has 14 registered varieties, including the show roses  ‘Butter Cream’ & ‘Dona Martin’, varieties mentioned on today’s broadcast.