Bloom Thyme: Bokay Days

Last week there was a flower explosion in my garden … a perfect time to make bokays and have BOKAY DAY!

During the growing season I designate Fridays as a day to make bokays to deliver, but last weekend I had extra time and plenty of flowers and decided to text out random invitations for people to come and get them–first come, first serve.

BOKAY DAY  starts with “the gathering.” Gathering containers and getting out my little black wagon for running around the garden gathering the pretties. This BOKAY DAY ended with friends coming by to pick up flowers! Some brought their children! I loved watching everyone look over all the flowers and decided which one(s) to take home. I heard about their favorite colors and shapes–and I heard some family gardening stories I had never heard before.

Bonus: Having people come to the garden opened up so many questions about roses and gardening in general and I loved that too!


Cute visitors!

Some of my visitors!


Since it was so hot out outside, I chose the table under the patio umbrella for my work space. It was a different climate under there!

More bokays…








The last bucket of flowers for the week…


Flowers + Friends = FUN!

10 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme: Bokay Days

  1. David Austin’s ‘Generous Gardener’ must have been named for you and your gifts of bokays!

    I am vicariously enjoying your blooms. We’ve had a week of extremely hot weather and of course, my garden was at it’s most glorious. What’s left are dried up little spheres of crunchy petals, or pink potato chips on the ground. So many are once bloomers. My Charles de Mills blooms are black, and my Ispahan blooms are minuscule. Some went from buds to full blown to petals falling in one afternoon. They’re even protected with a 4″ layer of mulch which keeps the soil moist. There must be a trick to rose gardening in hotter climates than what my roses are used to.

  2. Teresa, You are such a treasure, sharing so much joy and pleasure that your kindness and enthusiasm can be felt on the other side of the world, inspiring us all!

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