Saying goodbye to August…

August is coming to a close. When you say goodbye to August, you say hello to September and that means fall is upon us.

The garden is looking like a patchwork. Some flowers are blooming just like it is still spring and some have completely faded. The rugosas are sending up a few flowers but mostly are making their beautiful hips. The hydrangeas are fading into their fall hues. The crab apple tree that stands in the middle of many of my flowers is dropping it’s leaves and apples giving a distinct fall look.

While I do miss the freshness of spring, fall in my world is filled with wonderful things!

Today my “fun thing” was working in the garden and taking pictures of bloomers! I took a ton of pictures and here are the ones that made the “cut”…

Belinda's Dream of the Earth Kind Series ... available at
Belinda’s Dream of the Earth Kind Series … available at


Mary Rose - David Austin
Mary Rose – David Austin


Champagne Wishes - Ping Lim's Easy Elegance Series
Champagne Wishes – Ping Lim’s Easy Elegance Series


Pink Carpet Rose
Pink Carpet Rose


Julia Child - Floribunda from Weeks
Julia Child – Floribunda from Weeks


Zinnias are fabulous in the fall!
Zinnias are fabulous in the fall!


Roseraie de la Hay Rugosa - sending up springlike blooms. FRAGRANT
Roseraie de la Hay Rugosa – sending up springlike blooms. FRAGRANT


Quietness - a stunning, fragrant Buck rose. Available at
Quietness – a stunning, fragrant Buck rose. Available at


The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild - David Austin Roses
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild – David Austin Roses


More Quietness...
More Quietness…


Apricot Drift Roses from Star Roses and Plants - still look like spring!
Apricot Drift Roses from Star Roses and Plants – still look like spring!



0uTYflBQohP0hOmKXfKwMgRhfVSlfMEcdPE54QFhrfcO_pdn2SVoVEkuiwNLH00qXCWYmn_iPcCf960WQvRqimIMT9Rasf3U9CHtBYzpprG5A-HlJXvjaVWye1fVZiVps4QpVUCs25lUcjJ58JmdfQQuXOAssIDb=w692-h394In two weeks I will travel to Syracuse, NY for the American Rose Society’s National Convention. The Rose Chat crew will be interviewing rose lovers and hearing their stories as well as acting as Rose Show Awards Masters of Ceremonies. We can’t wait! If you are going to Syracuse, we look forward to seeing you. Come find us at our booth!


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Rose Buzz: That was quick!

Rose Buzz_7_whiteWell, I counted the days until spring and that was great but it appears spring was anxious to leave. I think we had about 1 week of spring and now it is S U M M E R! And, around here that means the roses start blooming. If the heat continues, many of the roses will bloom 3  weeks early. While they are beautiful anytime, that does not bode well for my garden tours that are coming in early June! Sorry my garden club and master gardeners buddies … not sure what you will see in June but we’ll find something! 🙂

Today I made my last garden walk before leaving for P. Allen Smith’s Garden 2 Blog event in Little Rock, Arkansas. I simply can’t wait to be back at Moss Mountain with Allen and so many of my garden friends from all around the country … and Allen’s amazing rose garden should be at peak! More about this event here. More info and more pictures to come from Moss Mountain!

Here is what I found on my garden walk today…


Often the first to bloom, Harison Yellow, the Pioneer Rose. Welcome back friend; it has been too long! Read more about Harison’s rich history here.


The Rugosas (fireworks of the spring garden) are showing a bit of color and hopefully will stall for a week so I can “experience” their beauty and fragrance.

Rugosa Theresa Bugnet is showing off her first bloom…

IMG_5291 1

Rugosa Blanc de Double Corbert … fragrant!


Champagne Wishes … this is a rose I just bought and it came with open bloom. I think I am really going to like this lovely rose from Ping Lim’s Easy Elegance series. The tag line for this series is All the beauty but none of the work. I have several in this series and will share pictures and info as they bloom.



Some of the rose companions are coming on strong as well.





Peonies … should be stunning when I return!



Even the geranium cutting in the potting shed is in bloom!




How are things in your garden this week? Have any Rose Buzz to share?


Rose Buzz_7_white

Bloom Thyme: It’s Coming Back!

You’ve been with me as we counted down the days until spring. It is here and just when I thought that winter had taken away all the pretty things forever, they started coming back. This week was a week of big change in the garden … from dark and dreary to beautiful rebirth! Take a look…

Lovely little violets from Uncle Tony’s garden…
Test roses from Star Roses and Plants… so excited! I’ll keep you posted!
Star roses getting a dunk in Moo Poo tea before planting. 24 hours in moo poo tea will work wonders!
Cistina Plum… lovely!
Rugosas are getting ready for their fireworks!! Only a few more weeks!
Rhododendrons always make me think of trips to Roan Mountain!
Daffodils are bringing the sunshine in!
The first and very fragrant lilac! Many more to come!
Sand Cherry. LOVE IT!


Wishing you a lovely week and a…

Sweet Peas_Bloom Thyme Friday