Bloom Thyme Friday: Exchanging Plants

This week at our rose society meeting I made out like a bandit. Many members brought plants to share! Either their old roses had sent up suckers that are easy to share or they were thinning their rose or rose companion “inventory.”

Either way, while we were looking over the plants being offered, I observed that it doesn’t matter whether my fellow rose society members are 30 something or nearly 90, they are equally “over the moon” excited about getting something new for their garden. I love that!

Here are the lovelies that were shared with me… 
Theresa Bugnet ... picture courtesy of Dammann's Gardens.
Theresa Bugnet … picture courtesy of Dammann’s Gardens.
Theresa Bugnet (Rugosa)
Belle Poitevine courtesy of
Belle Poitevine courtesy of
Belle Poitevine (Rugosa)

As you know I am smitten with Rugosas in general, so getting to add 2 more fragrant blooming machines to my garden makes me very happy. I wrote about my other rugosas a few weeks ago when they were in full bloom and you can see the pictures here.

Baldo Villegas pic courtesy of
Baldo Villegas pic courtesy of

Baldo Villegas (Mini Flora)

This beauty is named for my good friend and favorite “bug man” This rose is often seen on the awards table at rose shows. Very pretty. If you are interested in purchasing this rose, check with

Laguna Climber pic courtsey of
Laguna Climber pic courtsey of

Laguna Climbing Rose

I am told this rose is disease resistant and blooms all summer! Add to that old rose beauty and fragrance and I know this is going to be one of my very favorites! Read more about Laguna here.

Reblooming Iris
Reblooming Iris

Reblooming Yellow Iris

While I was visiting a friends garden last fall, this iris was blooming like it was spring. I just knew then I had to have it! So glad he remembered and brought them to me!

Our rose society  doesn’t have an “official” plant exchange, but we just may change that next year. Do you participate in plant exchanges?


We are getting much cooler temperatures and rain most days!

Grande Amore dressed up for the holiday!
Yesterday’s unexpected but very welcomed rain!

I wish you a very happy BLOOM THYME FRIDAY and THE LADY is helping me wish you a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Let Freedom Ring!!
Let Freedom Ring!!

6 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Exchanging Plants

  1. I did not see a zone for that luguna? I bought a Theresa bugnet last year from lowes and it hasn’t bloomed yet, growing like crazy but no blooms yet. the purple splash bloomed nad it is what I bought, confirmed, the other one bloomed to, it is a rambler, (thought it was a upright shrub,) its blooms are small and dainty but pretty. a French name cant seem to get used to saying. your flowers look really pretty. I did not know there was a reblooming yellow iris.

    1. Hi Roberta…

      The Zones range I have seen listed for Laguna are
      5-9 S / 5-9 W. I am in Zone 5b and my friend is growing it very successfully. Hopefully I will too! It already has buds. I am excited. Now if we can just have a more normal winter! About the iris… is does rebloom and the blooms are large!

  2. Here in Virginia, Laguna is VERY disease resistant and vigorous. It blooms its head off in the spring and repeats moderately thereafter. Therese Bugnet, is another great rose … don’t count on repeat from her, tho, in my experience. (That would explain why the other commentor’s first-year Therese hasn’t shown any sign of flowers yet.)

    1. Thanks for the report Connie!!! Love to know how roses are performing in other gardens! Did I mention how jealous I am that you and Stephen are in those gardens of my dreams!! Can you say, “bucket list!” Seriously, I love your post and feel “almost” like I am there! 😘 Have fun!

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