A Rose A Day: Sunny

Who wouldn’t love the lovely Sunny … a proud member of  Knockout family of roses. This rose just blooms and blooms and blooms. And, is the most fragrant of the Knockouts.


Beautiful. Disease resistant. Adds so much to my overall garden experience.


Highly recommended for any sized garden. Prune back in early spring (when the forsythia blooms) at least a third of the bush for over all health. You can prune more if you have limited space. This rose is about 4 x 3 in my garden so far this year. Give it a little fertilizer and you are good to go!


My garden friend, Diane LaSauce, has only one rose in her garden–a beautiful Sunny. I am predicting that at the end of the month, she will be set for a few more roses–what do you think? Hey, check out Diane’s beautiful blog, About Home, Garden & Life .… don’t miss the post on her bluebirds.

See ya tomorrow.

Bloom Thyme Friday: A Glorious Morning Walk

This morning I had a most glorious walk through my garden! The drought is over and many of my roses and their companions in the garden think it is spring! I am looking over green grass, glossy rose leaves, reblooming perennials and even a few dandelions!

A view of the Potting Shed

As many of you know, the POTTING SHED (click for details) was a gift from my very handy husband. Well, last week he built more shelves, and now I have shelves on both sides of the window! I don’t even have them all filled yet. But here’s how they looks so far!

Many roses are blooming and many are filled with buds, so the next few weeks are going to be very nice!

I do believe this is the calm before the storm! The weatherman tells us that rain (lots and lots of rain) is on it’s way! He also tells us that July was the driest month on record and August very well may be the wettest August on record.

Morning Glories are so well named–don’t you think??? They are always a welcome sight to me!

I just can’t get enough of this Sunny Knockout rose. Rain or shine … this rose just keeps giving us beautiful blooms. These blooms have a sweet fragrance, plus I find they last and last in a vase!

Sunny Knockout

What’s blooming in your world today? Are you getting rain too?