A Rose A Day: Sunny

Who wouldn’t love the lovely Sunny … a proud member of  Knockout family of roses. This rose just blooms and blooms and blooms. And, is the most fragrant of the Knockouts.


Beautiful. Disease resistant. Adds so much to my overall garden experience.


Highly recommended for any sized garden. Prune back in early spring (when the forsythia blooms) at least a third of the bush for over all health. You can prune more if you have limited space. This rose is about 4 x 3 in my garden so far this year. Give it a little fertilizer and you are good to go!


My garden friend, Diane LaSauce, has only one rose in her garden–a beautiful Sunny. I am predicting that at the end of the month, she will be set for a few more roses–what do you think? Hey, check out Diane’s beautiful blog, About Home, Garden & Life .… don’t miss the post on her bluebirds.

See ya tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Sunny

  1. you do know that when you get a rose that performs very well you can’t just have one, kinda like layes potatoes chips once you eat one your hooked, lol. I started off on one then two then three it is like an obession or something, now I have 10 roses would of had more but a few died over the past couple of years, the real trick with roses is getting the right kind for your growing conditions. that the bulk of the battle with having beautiful healthy roses.

  2. I am always looking for suggestions and inspirations that add both beautiful blooms and scented flowers to my garden. I am off to the internet to pull more information to see how this might suggestion fit into my own garden.

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