Bloom Thyme: A Tomato Frenzy

If you ask me what is my favorite plant to grow, I would say roses–hands down. BUT, if you asked me what is my favorite veggie to grow … it is the tomato. To me there is nothing like picking a tomato from your garden. They smell good, they taste good and they ARE good. The fresher the better. Eating a tomato straight from the vine … there’s nothing like it!

Each year I kind of get crazy making tomato decisions…

  • Which ones to plant? There are SOOO many varieties!
  • Heirloom or hybrid?
  • How to keep them healthy! Go away worms, bunnies, blight!!!
  • How many can I get in my limited space?
  • Where will they get the best light?
  • What’s the best support system … trellis, stakes or cages??
  • Should I do CROP ROTATION???
  • DO I PRUNE SUCKERS??? Some say YES!!!! Some say NO!!!!!

You get the picture.

Ahhhh, it is all worth it when I bite into that first tomato and when I slice a home-grown tomato for my BLT (I LOVE BLTs!)

THIS YEAR’S CROP (See pictures below.)

  • Sweet 100
  • Yellow Pear
  • Black Cherry
  • Bonnie Grape
  • Mr. Stripy
  • Big Boy
  • Cherokee Purple

All are doing very well. However, the tomatoes cages for the big tomatoes are lame! Need something better and bigger.

I should also note, this year my tomatoes have a secret weapon … Moo Poo. If you are not familiar with Moo Poo … click here. Annie at Authentic Brands has something great for you! I have a 7′ patio tomato loaded with yummy tomatoes — need I say more!


I already have my eye on a new “cage” system at Lowes. And, am starting a list of new varieties to try. So, as you can see, the frenzy is sure to start again!

I would appreciate your help!

What is your favorite home-grown tomato?

What is your favorite tomato support system?

If not the tomato, what is your favorite home-grown veggie and are you obsessive about it?

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Moo Poo … Who Knew?

From the first night I participated in #gardenchat I began to hear amazing stories about a product called Moo Poo and the magical effect it had on plants. What gardener doesn’t want a miracle product for their plants?

If you are not familiar with Moo Poo here are a few details…

  • Company: Authentic Haven Brand
  • What: Totally organic soil conditioner teas
  • Who: Annie the expert!
  • How: Easy to brew … click here or see video below.
  • Bonus: Very cute packaging
Don't they look great!

For the last few years my tomatoes have been very disappointing … wimpy plants with wimpy fruit. So, I decided that my first Moo Poo experiment would be with my tomatoes. I may be new to Moo Poo but I can honestly say I feel great about using something that comes so highly recommended by so many amazing #gardenchat gardeners. And, believe it or not, my tomatoes already look impressive. The plants are huge and there are blooms everywhere! I can almost taste the homemade marinara, homemade salsa, BLTs … you get the picture.

Along with the tomatoes, my roses and potted flowers are also getting “the poo!” I’ll keep you posted.



This is by far the best tomato crop ever! And I LOVE tomatoes. My patio tomatoes produced and produced and produced.

See what I mean. They are tall ... hubby is over 6'!

The tomatoes in my herb garden are still producing yummy tomatoes even in this very hot and very dry season!

However, my favorite tomato/Moo Poo story is this… Some friend’s told me before their 2-week vacation that they had this pitiful tomato in a pot that was probably going to die while they were gone if not before. I told them to bring it over and I would see what I could do. Sorry to say I did not take a before picture. It WAS pitiful!

The first thing I did was repot the poor baby and give it a stiff drink of Moo Poo. I continued to give it stiff drinks each of the two weeks they were gone. When they returned, they did not recognize their plant– it was huge … green leafy and had several tomatoes. Trust me, it really was miraculous. And, even surprised me! I was very proud.

The plant was truly over 5′ and much too large to move, so I kept it! To date we have picked about 10 yummies and today there are 25, yes 25, tomatoes on the plant.

I say all that to say this … I am a believer in Moo Poo. Contact Annie  asap and place your order. Stock up for next year! If you need more info, her website has all the details you need.

So, join me in raising a glass of tea or whatever to Annie at Haven Authentic Brand … she has something all gardens need!

This was taken about 4 weeks after they brought to me.
Cute little sachets!
The "Brewery"