Bloom Thyme: A Tomato Frenzy

If you ask me what is my favorite plant to grow, I would say roses–hands down. BUT, if you asked me what is my favorite veggie to grow … it is the tomato. To me there is nothing like picking a tomato from your garden. They smell good, they taste good and they ARE good. The fresher the better. Eating a tomato straight from the vine … there’s nothing like it!

Each year I kind of get crazy making tomato decisions…

  • Which ones to plant? There are SOOO many varieties!
  • Heirloom or hybrid?
  • How to keep them healthy! Go away worms, bunnies, blight!!!
  • How many can I get in my limited space?
  • Where will they get the best light?
  • What’s the best support system … trellis, stakes or cages??
  • Should I do CROP ROTATION???
  • DO I PRUNE SUCKERS??? Some say YES!!!! Some say NO!!!!!

You get the picture.

Ahhhh, it is all worth it when I bite into that first tomato and when I slice a home-grown tomato for my BLT (I LOVE BLTs!)

THIS YEAR’S CROP (See pictures below.)

  • Sweet 100
  • Yellow Pear
  • Black Cherry
  • Bonnie Grape
  • Mr. Stripy
  • Big Boy
  • Cherokee Purple

All are doing very well. However, the tomatoes cages for the big tomatoes are lame! Need something better and bigger.

I should also note, this year my tomatoes have a secret weapon … Moo Poo. If you are not familiar with Moo Poo … click here. Annie at Authentic Brands has something great for you! I have a 7′ patio tomato loaded with yummy tomatoes — need I say more!


I already have my eye on a new “cage” system at Lowes. And, am starting a list of new varieties to try. So, as you can see, the frenzy is sure to start again!

I would appreciate your help!

What is your favorite home-grown tomato?

What is your favorite tomato support system?

If not the tomato, what is your favorite home-grown veggie and are you obsessive about it?

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15 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme: A Tomato Frenzy

  1. What is your favorite home-grown tomato? Better Boy

    What is your favorite tomato support system? Concrete reenforcement wire rolled up into a cylinder. Heavy enough but not too and the holes are big enough to pick maters and pick off suckers.

    If not the tomato, what is your favorite home-grown veggie and are you obsessive about it? I’m obsessive with both tomatoes and yellow and orange peppers, the big ones, you know the kind that cost an arm and a leg in store……Mine some years are liked eating candy they’re so sweet. I’m not so much obsessive about my veggies as manic about’em…..:-)

      1. Thanks, its always nice to hear from folks who enjoy the stories, I sure appreciate you saying so and for taking some of your time to read them……..again thanks. Oh I just finished lunch a few minutes ago, great homegrown tomato sandwich. My goodness what would summer be without homegrown maters…….

    1. I haven’t grown Sun Gold … YET! Thanks for the recommendation. And, for the link to trellis info. Cages just don’t work very well.

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