A New Start

24 years ago we paid extra for a “wooded” lot. This week the last of the original trees was cut down by a 60 year old man that shimmed up that 60 ft tree like he was 16. Impressive!

Results… My lush shade garden is now a barren, somewhat damaged sunny garden. As the trees were coming down, I cried. Now that the trees are down my head is spinning with new ideas and plans. Actually,  I can hardly sleep at night knowing there is a vacant area in the garden just waiting for me! I keep going to Lowes to look at magazines and books. For the last two weekends, my garden time consisted of finding new homes for my shade loving plants— 5 large rhododendrons, beautiful ferns and hostas, astilbes, one stingy-with-blooms lupine, several small evergreens and one very large and prickly Dwarf Alberta Spruce, plus an assortment of bulbs, rhizomes and ground cover.

This project started with tears but now that I have a new canvas with all kinds of potential, I say BRING IT ON! It’s only 170 days until spring. The garden centers are gonna love seeing me come.

UPDATE: The garden centers did in fact “love me” and the project evolved into the GREAT FLAGSTONE PROJECT … to read about it, click here.


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