Meditations from a Rose Garden

“The most obvious comparison between my roses and life’s story can be found in the presence of dangerous, sharp thorns growing so closely on the very same bush with fragrant, beautiful blossoms. For years I have seen and experienced that life is this way, too. … I saw an old cross-stitch sampler from France that said, “Don’t grieve that your roses have thorns. Rejoice that your thorns have roses!” … You can’t change the reality that life is a mixture of beauty joy, danger, and pain, but you can change your perspective, your attitude; and that one change can transform everything!”

-Carolyn Huffman, Meditations from a Rose Garden

My roses have taught me a lot, especially how creative the Creator and First Garden Designer is! I never forget–time began in a garden –His garden.

Here are a few pictures of my roses…

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