A Very Large Puzzle

It was colder than we expected. It was more windy than we expected. But, it wasn’t raining, so some brave friends joined us for the GREAT FLAGSTONE PROJECT…

At one point I counted 20 various rakes and shovels, a right angle grinder, a chisel, a recip saw, 2 steel mallets, a very large compactor (it weighed 250 lbs) and we needed all of them. Under Brad’s careful instruction, random puzzle pieces became a beautiful patio. Wanna see? 

Ta-Dah…here it is…

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5 thoughts on “A Very Large Puzzle

  1. O.K. I’m satisfied now. It turned out to be beautiful (as erxpected) and I am sooooo excited for my friends to have a tangible feature in the design concept. Fianl destination is not far away!!! B.

  2. It is absolutely stunning. I am already envisioning myself sitting at a table on the new patio, drinking mom’s lemonade, listening to the birds, and enjoying the company of my favorite people. It sounds about perfect. Who’s with me?

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