As they say, make new friends and keep the old…one is silver the other gold!

Sometimes when I look out the window at the garden I still freak out that my long-time friend the 60 ft maple is gone (lightning) taking the shade garden with it. However, I am very excited about the new patio and the new plant additions and excited to watch them grow. But, I sure hope they grow fast!

With all the new plants, it is sure nice to be greeted by some old friends–like 20+ year old lilacs and a couple of 15+ year old crabapple trees.

And, when the weather is just a wee bit better, there are more new plants coming, including an obscene amount of roses! I love spring.

New Bill Warriner Rose (that makes 3)
New Sargent Crabapple Tree (2)
New Wichita Blue Spruce (2)
New home for mini frog pond
Old Lilac getting ready to bloom
Crabapple showing off
Old friend Fred is back and hiding under a leaf
New home for astilbe

2 thoughts on “As they say, make new friends and keep the old…one is silver the other gold!

  1. Looks like you’ve planted a lot. I like to watch the frogs in the summer and I love your mini frog pond. A few years ago Brian got out a plastic frog and taught our dog to fetch the plastic frog out of the water. We had a great time watching and laughing as the dog put her face in the water and blew bubbles trying to get enough courage to go to the bottom of the creek to get the frog. When she finally retrieved the frog, we all cheered.
    We repeated this over several days and I guess the dog liked it too. She then started going after the live frogs! That summer I had to put a fence around the pond to keep the dog out!

  2. Hi Janet, My husband made the mini frog pond using pieces of pottery (from some of my fav dishes that had broken). I just love it and I love your dog story!

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