Thank You Margaret Roach

I just finished reading and I shall have some peace there by Margaret Roach. In 2008 Margaret left her job as editorial director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to live and garden in upstate New York.

This book is about Margaret’s journey into her new life. This journey introduces you to her adventure of self discovery, birds, plants, frogs, cats, misc wildlife, local friends, tractors, apples, and, most significantly for me—snakes.

All through this very entertaining book, Margaret confronts, deals with and sort of conquers her fear of snakes. As she did … so did I.

Each year I encounter at least one snake in my garden and, unlike Margaret, my encounters are with the small and non-poisonous varieties.

Margaret said, “But again and again, I retreat to the safety of the reference books to find something that will help me feel at ease, playing to the comfort of intellect rather than the feelings all of this provokes. Facts have always been my magical thinking; if I put enough of them in my pockets, like Hansel with his crumbs, I can walk a few steps farther into the woods.”

So, here’s to you Margaret … now I too “can walk a few steps farther.” But, I don’t mind telling you that I feel more confident with my Wellies on!

Wellies ready for duty!


For more about Margaret check out her blog,

3 thoughts on “Thank You Margaret Roach

  1. How kind of you to post this. Good to hear it’s not just me who resorts to the “reference section” when tackling the fears. Haven’t seen a single snake yet this year, very odd. Now that I type that sentence, 100 of them will probably slither up onto the porch in unison, tee hee!

  2. In total agreement!
    A couple of summers ago I came in contact with a very harmless, although quite large, garden snake. He lived in our garden that entire season and had a habit of appearing when I least expected him too. I named him Desmond as though to find a way to feel more comfortable around him, but he (I’m assuming was a he) gave me the willies, regardless.

    1. I am so with you on the naming of scary critters. Somehow when “they” have a “name” it helps… a bit. I want to love all God’s creatures BUT when they are “sneaky,” it makes it harder! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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