Bloom Thyme: Crossing the Mason Dixon

Recently I made a trip “home” to the south and I noticed something. Even though I have lived in the midwest for 34 years, things change when I cross the Mason Dixon Line … not just things,  I change…

  • My speech slows … to a crawl.
  • “You guys” becomes y’all … without even missing a beat
  • My purse becomes a pocket book.
  • I crave iced tea … sweet or unsweet, they just do something special to their tea!
  • I get giddy when I see a Krystal sign … southerners you know what I mean.
  • I fall in love with the mountains … again and again.
  • I eat gravy. Enough said.
  • I get to be a daughter.

See how beautiful it is…

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8 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme: Crossing the Mason Dixon

  1. Simply the best post I have read in a long time. So very true.. Having grown up in Nashville and lived in Birmingham for the past 12 years, my love of the South grows deeper everyday.

  2. Wonderful photos! There is something different about the south. I love it! I am more relaxed there than up North. It’s strange because I am not from the south. There is some sort of close knit thing about the South.

  3. I ain’t never thought we folks talked funny down here. I thought some folks I knew, even kin folks from up North sounded like a 45 R.P.M record (if you remember those) that was set on and played back on 78 R.P.M. and it was hard to figure out what them folks were saying sometimes. After a while I figured out it was usually something about them folks not being able to understand what we’uns was say’in down here!!!……Can you believe that?……:-)
    P.S. Wherever it was you were from, it was sure nuff beautiful, that’s for sure…..

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