Bloom Thyme Friday: Boot Update

I am not sure who of you said, “You won’t want to wear the new boots in the garden—they’re too cute.” Well, that almost happened! I looked at them for two weeks and wore “other” boots. (The original boot post is here.)

But, today was the day, up and out in the garden early and the boots were on.

It was a full day of gardening and I gave them a workout! I can now report I made the right choice. They are not too “cutesy” for real work … actually these boots are amazing. I totally recommend Bogs!  I even have my eye on another pair!

Don’t judge but I had a fashion shoot before getting them dirty. (And they sure are dirty now!)

Yes, the Bogs are a winner

In other garden news… Look at the Bloomerang Lilac. Beautiful, fragrant and a rebloomer!


The Dogwoods are going crazy. This picture does not do them justice since I have 4 large Dogwood trees around the deck. Don’t you just love Dogwood trees!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!


Bloom Thyme Friday: Sunshine Daydream

Look who’s coming to join my rose family, Sunshine Daydream!

Star Roses and Plants introduced this grandiflora beauty a couple years back and I am excited to introduce five of them to my garden this year. I think they’re going to look just perfect next to some lovely bell flowers I have!

Note: Just heard from Matthias Meilland on Facebook who told me that this rose has won 13 Awards, including an AARS.  💛🌟💛

Star is very serious about regional testing and this rose has been scoring high points for excellent disease resistance all over the country! For more details… read on.

While my favorite color of rose is pink (I know you are shocked.), yellow comes in second!

Look at the dreamy picture below. Yes, this rose looks to be one that dreams are made of and won’t it look so pretty in bokays this summer.

There are several more new ones joining my rose family … so stay tuned.

What new plants are you introducing?

Bloom Thyme: What’s Bloomin’ Around Here

While we are not fully into the second flush of rose blooms and the Japanese Beetles are munching away but there’s some bloomin’ going on around here.

CAUTION … Abundance of Pinkness Ahead. 💞


All My Loving

All My Loving

Cherry Parfait

Cherry Parfait


Beverly HT

Beverly Hybrid Tea


Gemini Hybrid Tea

These roses are hiding out from the Japanese Beetles

These roses are hiding out from the Japanese Beetles

IMG_5789 (1)

Julia Child




Falling in Love

Falling in Love


Music Box

Companions that are showing off…









Hopefully we will be saying goodbye to these ugly bugs soon.

Until then… I’ll keep drowning them in soapy water!

IMG_5918 (1)

If these guys are “bugging” you and you want to know more, you can read an article that Dr. Mark Windham, a name I trust, recommended here.

Well … enough about bugs!