Bloom Thyme Friday: Sometimes it is best to say goodbye

If you asked me a month ago, “what is your favorite vine,” I would have said, “The Porcelain Berry.” I planted this beautiful vine 3 years ago. For the first two years it was a modest climber, in a place where I wanted a vigorous climber so all was going well. This year it became a vigorous climber–still okay with me. That is UNTIL I mentioned my beautiful vine on #GardenChat. Several Chatters chimed in that this is a very invasive plant and one to be avoided!

What? My pretty vine? Seriously? I bought it at a local garden center!

So, I did what all responsible gardeners would do, I investigated. And read some very scary stuff….

Invasive Porcelain Berry is Swallowing up Cape May

Ecological Threat!

Porcelain-berry is a vigorous invader of open and wooded habitats. It grows and spreads quickly in areas with high to moderate light. As it spreads, it climbs over shrubs and other vegetation, shading out native plants and consuming habitat.

Porcelain-berry is a vigorous invader of open and wooded habitats.

One blogger said that the plant takes about 3 years to get up to speed. Well, that is exactly where we are and where our relationship will end. Yes, sometimes it is best to say goodbye.

I still want a vigorous vine, but one that is not an Ecological Threat! What vine would you recommend to climb up and over my pergola?

Here is the Porcelain Berry’s Swan Song….

5 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Sometimes it is best to say goodbye

  1. That is a shame, it looks so lovely. I think, dang I lost the name, lol. Not enough coffee. It is a vine with long violet flowers that hang down. I know Annie has some in her garden. I have always wanted it but it is to cold here. I could draw it for you. Darn, well if I think of the name, just went to Stark Bros. Wisteria!!

    1. Good idea. Wisteria is something I will look in to. Very beautiful and I think my neighbor has some variety of wisteria although it looks more like a shrub that a vine. Could be the way it is trimmed…

  2. Sorry to hear it must go but I’m so happy you investigated it! There are many ornamental grasses that are also invasive plants I wish growers would inform Garden Centers with labels about this. There is another issue that concerns me about invasive plants and that has to do with Seed Bombs… Seed Bombs are a fun gift idea and used by Gorilla gardeners to beautify City lots and fields. However the wrong seeds in the wrong area can really cause more harm then good. Kudos to you for being a steward of open and wildlife spaces. Annie

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