Bloom Thyme Friday: An Impulse Purchase

Early this spring I made an impulse purchase. This purchase is mainly based on the fact that locally it is very difficult to find roses other than landscape roses. While I love landscape roses, I also love hybrids. So, when I stumbled upon hybrid roses at a local garden center I went a little crazy. I picked up two roses without really checking them out as I usually do. The tag said “beautiful, red and fragrant”–what else did I need to know. Actually I NEEDED to know that they are not suited to my zone at all.

Had I done a bit more diggin’ into these roses, I would not have purchased them AND I would have missed these beautiful blooms. Just as the tag said, they are “beautiful and red,” but I am sad to say there is no fragrance. They are so “beautiful and red” that I am willing to forgive them for not being fragrant. And, I promise to dress them extra warm with fingers crossed before winter comes.

Meet Janice Kellogg, a floribunda from the house of Meilland…

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Do you every buy on impulse? You can be honest with me!

7 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: An Impulse Purchase

  1. They are beautiful. Yes, I have impulse purchased plants for my garden, only to find out it’s not suited to my light situation. I have lost a few. When I go to a nursery, everything is so wonderful, it is very hard to have self control. lol

  2. Oh yeah.but online and that’s even more scary because you are not even seeing what you are buying.once I bought a book from Amazon for $23. My mistake, I though it had to do with gardening I’m my climate. Wrong! By the time Isent outback I got $9. Credit. What a rip.

  3. Absolutely! The two peonies I have aren’t suited to my zone but I couldn’t resist the 2 for $14 sale! They take turns blooming each year, this year it was Kansas (no fragrance but a gorgeous fuchsia), last year it was Cora Stubbs (very fragrant, stinky as a matter of fact lol and white) & so on. Sometimes we just have to take a chance :o)

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