Can you say BLT?

I love BLTs. Don’t you? I think I may have to try this Monster BLT from The Pioneer Woman…. click here. If you take a look at that sandwich she prepared, your mouth will water for sure!

Nothing is better on a BLT than your very own homegrown tomato! And, yes, we are starting our 9th week of drought. Last week we had our first rain (1/2″) and as grateful as we are, we sure would love some more. (I recorded the rain… click here to hear that wonderful sound and see how fresh it makes everything look!)

Regardless of the lack of rain, Mr. G and I are committed to watering our tomatoes and to feeding them Annie’s Moo Poo Tea. When all the water your plants get comes from your efforts, well that is a lot of work and with so many days in the 90s and 100s, we have had to be vigilant.


Last February I surveyed my garden friends who also love tomatoes and got a ton of suggestions on what tomatoes to plant this year. (You can read about it here.)

Based on the their suggestions, I am growing Rutgers, Mortgage Lifter, Brandywine, Lemon Boy, Beefsteak, San Marzanos, Cherokee Purple and a few others that “grabbed” my attention at the local garden centers and Lowes.


What is your favorite variety of tomato? Do you have a unique BLT recipe you’d like to share? I’d love your recommendations!

5 thoughts on “Can you say BLT?

  1. Well, now that I’m craving a BLT, I just want to say that my tomatoes are still small & green; and I am green with envy! Meantime I am enjoying our blueberries and bush beans. I really enjoy your posts! ~ Wendy

  2. YAAAAYYYYY!!! for the rain. I hope you get it on a more regular basis. We had so much, well over 20″ last month. I wanted to share so badly, but they haven’t built that pipeline yet. Here in New Orleans, I have been told, gardeners need to plant varieties of tomatoes with as many letters after the name as possible. And that heirloom varieties only grow with massive amounts of pesticides. I’ve always been organic, as had my parents. Dad was a chemist and believed that toxins had no place in the garden or in our food. I’ve been struggling with heirloom and other varieties for the 6 years I’ve been living here. I’ve had maybe a dozen tomatoes in 5 years. So this year we’re going with the virus and disease resistant varieties. I just got my seeds and will be starting the seeds to plant for the fall season, which goes straight through till spring when there is no frost. I love your posts and LOVE the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love any tomato that grows and ripens! We’ve had two summer with blight hitting the tomato plants and NO tomatoes to eat! We don’t have a great number, so far, this year (also in drought here), but we’ve had BLT’s four (4) times and counting! We have to make up for lost time! Yours look delicious! Wonderful sounding rain, too.

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