Come Look Through My Window

My friend, Connie from Hartford Roses, invited those who follow her blog to take a picture out their kitchen window and describe what they saw. Click here to see what what Connie saw out her window.

I loved the idea and took a picture of what was out my window on that same morning…


  • Just outside the window is my sun porch. The plant in the middle of the picture is a bay tree sitting on our cafe table.
  • On the left of the window frame you see a thermometer. I always want to know how cold it is or isn’t! This morning it is 30 degrees.
  • The swing on the porch is a wonderful place for morning and evening coffee. A little room with a view–roses and their companions in the spring/summer and birds, squirrels and the occasional raccoon in the winter.
  • On the bench you see a chart that contains pictures and description of birds. We love to know who and what is dining at our feeders.
  • The plank of wood you see on the window ledge is a sign my husband made that says … THYME OUT. A good reminder to “chill”.
  • The cast iron lamp holds special memories as it was passed to us from my husband’s mom.
  • To the far left — just outside the view of the camera lens — is a messy stack of garden shoes and dirty garden gloves. Best you are spared that!
  • To the right you see a gray building, this is “my happy place”–The Potting Shed.

What’s out your window?

Take a look outside your window and share what you see today by posting a comment below…

7 thoughts on “Come Look Through My Window

  1. This is so charming! I would love to see what’s out your window more often! Can’t wait to see it beautifully covered in snow!

  2. I look out my window and see my “Wendy’s Wish” salvia, now slightly frost-bitten.But the best view I have is of Edwin Warner Park, one of the jewels of Nashville -trails, fields, hills, birds, wildflowers- wonderful in all seasons. And barely a ston’e throw away!

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