Who are You?

If the good folks at CSI are asking this question, you might have to worry, but MOST of the time when people want to know who you are, it is a good thing! Dale Carnegie, author of the most famous guide to charm ever written, once said: “The sweetest sound to a person’s ear is their own name.”

This is also true for gardens. I find that the better we know our plants, the better care we take of them and that starts with their name! Honestly, I have to say that for me, it drives me completely crazy when I don’t know their names.

Most of my plant markers are used to identify my roses and visitors to my garden tell me over and over how glad they are for the rose markers.

Mr. G says rose markers are a must. In fact, as soon as I mention I am ordering roses, he says have you ordered “those markers” yet? What that means is, have you sent the order to Wendy @ Harlane. Wendy has wonderful rose markers and we have been using Harlane rose markers for more than 20 years. Some of my markers are original, so you could say they last a long time. To order markers from Wendy … CLICK HERE.

Plant markers come in all sizes and shapes and here are some of the ones we are using…

Here’s our current collection of plant markers.
I bought these, but Mr. G made me a ton of some similar ones that I also used as gift tags for Christmas presents!
Super cute and easy to make!
Super cute and easy to make!
Slate markers...
Slate markers…
Harlane rose markers...
Harlane rose markers…

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