A Time to Plant: Sweet Peas

imagesI love sweet peas for several reasons…

  • They can be planted early when you are just itching to do some real “gardening.”
  • They are beautiful.
  • They climb and vine on your fence or trellis adding vertical interest.
  • Most varieties have a sweet fragrance.
  • They look great in early summer bokays!

Sweet pea seeds have a hard shell, so I am soaking them over night and will plant them tomorrow.




Varieties I am planting this year are all from Burpee

  • Moody Blue Mix: Extra large, fragrant blooms in rich shads of navy, ocean blue and rose-pink.
  • Cottage Mix: Mix of shades of white, cream , pink, rose, scarlet and purple.
  • Summer Wine: Rich wine-colored blooms on full, medium-height vines.
  • Eckford’s Mix: Very fragrant, large blooms in a wide color range.

Word of caution…

Even though they are called a “pea,” they are NOT edible.

Denise Schreiber in her book Eat Your Roses shares about herbs and flowers that are edible and those that are NOT edible. If you haven’t seen Denise’s delightful book, take a look HERE.

Denise was our guest on Rose Chat Radio a few weeks ago and you can listen to the archived broad cast HERE.

So, tomorrow I will do some of that “real gardening” I have been itching to do and plant my sweet peas … just before our next snow storm. 🙂

If you grow sweet peas, do you have a variety you particularly enjoy?

Other seeds….

Here are a few of my seedlings that are coming along nicely in the potting shed window…

IMG_0489 IMG_9953

Happy Spring!

8 thoughts on “A Time to Plant: Sweet Peas

  1. We have the cottage mix of sweet peas planted around our never-ending fence. Can’t wait to see how they grow. My girls are so excited!

  2. Teresa, I especially enjoyed this post as sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers to grow. This year I am growing Matucana from West Coast Seeds plus some seeds I collected from a mix I grew last year.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. It is the strangest thing, but I never have any luck with sweetpeas! I don’t know what I do wrong, I can grow anything else, but not them. I love them too!! Any hints?

  4. i love that time when you start propagating from seeds indoors. I even love the part of sharing information to see what others are doing and how they have achieved success. I will start my first seeds tomorrow…Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences.

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