Rose Parade: The Grande Dame

The Grande Dame in my garden Summer 2012
The Grande Dame in my garden Summer 2012

The Grande Dame is a lovely and very fragrant hybrid tea.

Here’s what Weeks Roses has to say about this 2011 release…

Grande Dame…

Everything old is new again … or is it the other way around?

Here’s a clean mean flowering machine whose big bountiful beauties reek with old rose romance, style & fragrance. Each lovely blossom invites you to bury your nose…to swoon from the perfume of the ‘old time’ roses of your dreams. A big vigorous ‘shrubby’ bush whose nodding clusters, abundant deep-green leaves & low-thorned cutting stems provide a perfect touch to a landscape or bouquet.

  • Height / Habit: Tall/Upright & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Full, old-fashioned, in nodding clusters
  • Petal count: Over 30 broad petals
  • Parentage: Meredith x Wild Blue Yonder
  • Fragrance: Intense old rose
  • Hybridizer: Carruth – 2011
  • Comments: A modern antique for all climates.

Mixing old and new is what my garden is all about!

Here is the Grande Dame in my garden last summer. Stunning!

IMG_7023 IMG_7190

I now have 3 of these lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Rose Parade: The Grande Dame

      1. I have gone thru a few here near Vancouver BC. The rain is so hard on them. I have about eight now this year I am trying Pink Enchantment. our baby bedding adderall City which is from here and random I also try many roses would seem to do really well I have a tiny little china doll in my garden that I’ve had for 16 years she’s only about a foot high I’m trying to diversify into hydrangeas in some areas as well..

      2. Only about 10 or 12 it’s very rainy here on the West Coast of BC I’m trying to branch out a little bit to hydrangeas and camellia switch set this weather more but this year I am trying Pink Enchantment and Grande Dame.

      3. Whoops hope u didn’t get those. I am using voice recognition. So about 15 roses. Try new ones each year. I am branching out to hydrangeas and camellias which suit our weather better. You can follow my adventures at

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