Beautiful and Sustainable

While I was at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm for Garden 2 Blog, I was surrounded by beautiful and sustainable roses. This garden of thousands is a no-spray garden…

“If it doesn’t look good, we pitch it and plant something else.” -P Allen Smith

From the delicately fragrant Noisettes to the spectacular bloom of the Knockouts, Drifts and many other varieties both old and new, Moss Mountain is alive with the beauty and fragrance of roses. This amazing garden gets your attention with it’s size, but then draws you to come, slow down, relax, stroll……


Though Allen has always loved roses, it was while doing his graduate work in England that the rose love deepened. Allen became friends with Lady Elizabeth Ashbrook who grew beautiful roses. Upon his return from England he planted more and more roses that led to what you see above … a two acre garden reminiscent of the Gothic style found in Aiken-Rhett House garden in Charleston, SC.


But, roses are not just in the rose garden, in fact, you can’t walk very far either at his home in the historical district of Little Rock or at his farm, until you see more beautiful roses. Roses have found their way into most every “room” of the farm. Well, maybe not in Poultryville, but that is another post. Psssst… I fell in love with chickens and well–just might have to have some. Especially the Buff Orpingtons. For an article from Allen on  how to raise backyard chickens, read on.

Okay, okay back to roses. Look at these beauties…















IMG_0556 IMG_0555




To hear Allen tell the fascinating story on the building of the garden, watch this…


Many people say to me that they think all roses are prima donnas that need constant spray and attention. This garden proves otherwise. Sure, roses do need sun, food and water to survive and a little love and attention to thrive, but don’t we all. And, wow … aren’t they worth it!

If you have been reluctant to give roses a try, come on you can do it. I promise! Let Allen’s beautiful AND sustainable garden inspire you.


AllenSilkiesThen there were the chickens!


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Disclosure: The majority of this trip including room, board and a bunch of neat swag – were provided to me at no expense for participating in the Garden2Blog event. There was no obligation to write about my experiences and all opinions stated here are my own.




9 thoughts on “Beautiful and Sustainable

  1. Teresa i love your blog very much. So informative and so much connected to nature… keep doing this good work.

  2. wow those roses are amazing, your blog is really full of so much information too, looks like you had a lot of fun, I am jealous I don’t have a rose garden like p allens, wow. well I am not to jealouse just wishing I could have one too, the chicken was cute too, the lady up the street has a boarding stable for horses she has alot of those silkies, other chickens too. their neat. is there anyway you can name some of the roses there especially the climber over the red door the pink one I seen and a few others? thanks.

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