A Soggy Garden Tour…

Today we had a break in the rain so I captured a few of my roses for you to see…

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “A Soggy Garden Tour…

    1. We have had rain most days so far this spring. ☔ The old roses are blooming beautifully but then being beat down by rain, but they are glorious for a while! Last year was drought … This year monsoon-like. O the world of gardening! Have a great day!

  1. wow, is it okay if I am a little jealous of your garden and shed? wow would love a garden shed, myself, the flowrs are absolutly beautiful. keep the pictures coming. gives me ideas too for my yard. you know I have 3 acres so how many roses and complimentary flowers do you suppose I can comfortably have? lol.

      1. yea now just having enough money to buy all the roses I want, lol, have you ever tried to get roses by germinating seeds? I never tried it, I wonder if it is hard. my new dawn gets hips, my rugosas do to, do you supposed they would breed true to type?

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