A Rose A Day: Black Forest

BlackForest_001Black Forest is one of the amazing roses in the Certified Rose Simply Brilliant Collection and it is truly a simply-brilliant winner! In 2010 this rose received the prestigious German ADR award for its beauty and natural disease resistance.

This floribunda shrub took me to the Winners Circle too! I received the  BEST NOVICE  award for Black Forest at the Indianapolis Rose Society Show  (Read more about the show here.).

This rose deserves the award but not for anything special that I did. I just gave it a little fertilizer and lots of love and it is blooming non stop! The blooms are born in sprays that last and last and last whether on the plant or in a vase.

The growth habit of this rose is bushy and spreading to about 3’ X 3’.



Truly a winner in a no-spray garden.


5 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Black Forest

  1. You did it again!!! So impressive and so exciting!!! Your roses are beautiful and you really showcase God’s beauty in your garden. You are obviously not a novice and your recognition is long overdue. We are thrilled for you!!

    The Black Forest Rose is another beauty!! Congratulation!! Keep the awards coming!!

  2. I can’t seem to find a winter hardiness rating for this Floribunda, not even listed on Kordes web site? Any one know?

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