A Rose A Day: Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas is one of the roses that put me in the winner’s circle at the Indianapolis Rose Show last week!   (See pics of the Rose Show here.)

This rose is a rich, radiant yellow David Austin English Rose with a strong tea fragrance. If you want to grow this rose, know that he is very hardy and is sometimes grown as a climber so give him some room or be prepared to keep him trimmed.

For more details on this lovely shrub rose … read on.

The Naming of This Rose

This rose was named for Graham Stuart Thomas an English horticulturalist, garden designer, rosarian extraordinaire and one of the most influential gardeners of the 20th century. He actually chose this rose to be named for him.

Another fun fact about Graham Stuart Thomas — he was was mentored by none other than Gertrude Jekyll. He was starting his career as she was finishing hers so it was a match made in heaven.

Wonderful reference book...

His book, The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book, is a comprehensive reference on roses –especially historical roses.

Back to the Winner’s Circle…

Graham ThomasAfter…

Graham Thomas_002

I was in the company of greatness….

Our society has some wonderfully talented rose growers, arrangers and exhibitionist!

Look at all this beauty! Our rose society is filled with wonderfully talented rosarians!

13 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Graham Thomas

  1. that is beautiful, the flowers are very nice, by the way does your graham thomas have die back in winter at all? will it climb for you if you let it? I tried to grow one once and it did not do well not sure why. I am afriad to try it again, I am thinking of getting three more new dawn to put on my side yard fences (I used to have horses so there is very long fence it could cover) and some rugosas to put there, not sure yet, I would like to get a pick climber as well to put on that fence. I am sure I could find a red one, the fence gets the northern winds so any yellow climber may not do good there. the golden gate I ordered will be in front where the house and garage block any norther winds and they will face the south and south east exposure in winter. see if that keeps the tops alive without protection, I might give it some for the first year tho since it will be smallish.

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!! You won!!!! I am so proud of you!! This is terrific!! I am thrilled for you!! Dick and I are not surprised!! Your garden is magnificent! I am so happy for you! Your beautiful flowers came through for you!! This is great news!!! The rose is beautiful! You make me want to go out and get a Graham Stuart Thomas rose!! Way to go!! Love, Carol and Dick

  3. Yeah for your win! And oh, how I sometimes miss my Graham Thomas rose bushes that I left behind on the Oklahoma plain. Makes me smile to think of yours.

  4. Hi Teresa – nice to see all your rose posts here. I just posted about the effusion in my garden but I’m unsure what all the roses are as I didn’t plant them. Will take a look here and see what I find.\Well done with the Graham Thomas rose – has to be one of my favourites.

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