It is easier to face the facts in the potting shed…

Yes, today it is official, I have to face the fact that winter is coming. Even though I have roses that are loaded with buds, the weatherman is saying frost.

So, I am in the potting shed potting up some herbs, bringing in my apple mint (The last garden gift from my mother about 26 years ago and I would never want to lose it! (Read more about that here.), bringing in some geraniums and repotting a rose cutting I was given and want to be sure it makes it through the winter. The rose cutting is Best of ’04 and I don’t want to lose it to “old man winter.” And, hopefully like Beverly did last year, this rose will give me a few beautiful blooms to enjoy.

All the potting shed plants will be given my love and attention and Annie’s Moo Poo Tea, so I think they will be just fine through these long winter months.

Best of ’04

Best of '04
Best of ’04

Best of 04 is a Whit Wells Miniature Rose and is said to be a “Queen Machine” in a Rose Show. I love hearing that. Maybe someday…. 🙂

To read more about this lovely rose and others on the For the Love of Roses website here.

Below is a slide show of my days’ activities and even the view today from my potting shed window. I am so blessed to have a room with a view that I find beautiful regardless of the season.

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If you are like me and garden in areas with long, cold winters, what are you doing to get ready for winter?

12 thoughts on “It is easier to face the facts in the potting shed…

  1. “To everything there is a season…” I love seeing your potting shed and I am glad you have it as a retreat. I had ‘Best of 04’ when living in Minnesota and lost it to winter, even after it was buried, so I would say it does not have a hardy history. Beautiful however!

    1. Hey Elena! Thanks for your “cold hardy ” perspective on Best of ’04. I will give it a try in a protected location. Maybe we will get lucky and have a mild winter. Yes, to everything there is a season and winter does me a beautiful view from the potting shed! Especially when we have a fresh blanket of snow!

  2. Very charming garden and potting shed. I’m encouraging my mother in law to follow your blog. She’s an avid gardener and also lives in Indiana.

  3. one of these days I would love a green house and garden shed too, what do I do to get my garden ready for winter? I cut back all browned plants because it looks messy, I fence off my crape myrtles and fig tree and put in composted manure (bury it while it is still upright) about three feet high or more to protect the tops (which the past 3 years was not really needed since the parts I didnt protect survived.) then I mow down the flowers that are just annuals and in this case my first year I will be pulling up the giant caladiums to save over winter, i will bury my minature roses with that manure, and bring my house plants inside, I hope I can find enough places for them since my plants are starting to accumulate and my space in my house is at a premium, and I will moan and groan for not having sunny warm days and pretty plants to look at and tend to. i will look at winter with disdain, lol, because being stuck inside sucks. lol. your garden still looks good, mine too, but we got frost last night, so hopfully we will have a indian summer.

    1. Our temps are dipping close to frost all week. But, so far not enough to do any serious damage. But, the garden is slowly going to sleep. I guess spring wouldn’t be so quite so exciting without winter. And, I do love to see that first snow fall. Today I am planting a few tulip bulbs and doing some general cleanup. Next on my list is cleaning my tools! May have to wait until next weekend. 🙂

  4. How am I prepping for winter? For starters, I’m enjoying your view. 🙂 After that, I’m digging up my tropicals to prepare them for winter storage. The terra cotta pots have been emptied and cleaned and all about me, leaves are coming down. I agree with the other comments: I would love to see more of your shed and its organization. Be well!

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