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  1. all your flowers are beautiful, including the lilies, the roses are beautiful. did your new dawn come back from the roots? mine came back from the stem nearest the ground, it has some growing to do to cover the trellis I built for it. I had to take my butterflies back to the garden center because it did not get any leaves at all and they gave me a replacement with a magnolia. the tag was gone so we don’t know exactly if it is a butterflies but I was willing to take the chance since the replacement was just so beautiful and big I couldn’t resist. my crapes all are doing well except the tree one it came back from the trunk close ot the ground so it has some catching up to do and hopfully no more polar vortex nonsense will come about again to humble it, would you happen to know if golden gate rose blooms on old wood or new? I am getting a lot of growth but so far no blooms..

    1. Hello! My large New Dawn did not come back! 🙁 but another smaller one I have is coming back but no blooms this year. Regarding a Golden Gate, many climbers can take up to 3 years to get established. I believe it blooms on new wood. My bloomed earlier in the season but not much recently. Glad your crapes are doing well. They sure give a lot of bang for your buck! Have a great weekend!

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