The Lion…

March is coming in like a lion! But, it is beautifully peaceful in the garden and the birds are loving it. So, I guess if you can’t beat them, you join them! Today I will enjoy the snow we have and the snow we continue to get for the rest of the day. Mr. G says it is a church, soup, movie and brownie day – in that order.

Hearing the happy birds chirping…

Yesterday I saw pictures of my friends in the south pruning their roses. No roses are being pruned here!

How are things in your neck of the woods today?

12 thoughts on “The Lion…

  1. So pretty! I’m with you. I’m enjoying this winter wonderland. It is so nice to look out the window and see all the pretty snow from my cozy reading chair while enjoying some hot tea.

  2. Whatever the weather, your garden is beautiful, Teresa! Safe travels to and from church in that snow, enjoy your day! <3

  3. Well, that is so beautiful. And the birds sound so happy. Living in Cali, makes me miss the 4 seasons and the absolute beauty of Winter. I know you have had a lot of snow but it is really majestic.

  4. Love your snow pictures! In South Carolina I pruned on Friday and Saturday….. today… icy rain on the way to church. We have nothing to complain about!! God is good!

  5. Loved hearing the birds sing in your video. It is lovely here in Arizona. Spring is starting… I can see little tiny blumes getting ready to blossom on some cacti. Spring will come to your neck of the woods soon!

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