The Lion…

March is coming in like a lion! But, it is beautifully peaceful in the garden and the birds are loving it. So, I guess if you can’t beat them, you join them! Today I will enjoy the snow we have and the snow we continue to get for the rest of the day. Mr. G says it is a church, soup, movie and brownie day – in that order.

Hearing the happy birds chirping…

Yesterday I saw pictures of my friends in the south pruning their roses. No roses are being pruned here!

How are things in your neck of the woods today?

Happy New Year from our Snow Globe

The snow just keeps coming!

So far this week we have had 12″ of snow and the way it is coming down today, it looks like we will accumulate 2 or 3 more. My roses and their companions look like they are in the middle of a snow globe.

Happy New Year from our snowy home to yours!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Wo! It is cold and the snow just keeps coming–14″ or so and more coming tomorrow!

The door to the Potting Shed was frozen and I needed Mr. G to get it open for me so we could water the plants!

The sun was shining so pretty on the snow today. Come on in for a visit…






Now I have to get back to “winter” cleaning … time to undecorate! And, get ready for spring … coming in 79 days.

Winter Garden: First Snow

Today we have our first snow and this morning it looks fresh and beautiful and boy is it cold… windchill factor is 7 degrees! Burrrrrr…. wasn’t it in the 50s a couple of days ago?

Here’s my view today in and around The Potting Shed


As you know I spend a lot of time dreaming of spring but for today, I am enjoying the pretty snow.

By the way… it is only 88 days until spring! If you want to see how the garden looks in the spring, check out these posts…

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Bloom Thyme Friday: A Winter Walk

This afternoon I had the pleasure of extra time to just walk in the garden. It is amazing how beautiful the winter garden is when dusted with snow.

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