Rose Buzz: The Garden is Open

Rose Buzz_7_whiteDays when I welcome visitors into the garden are some of my very best days!

I get to see old friends, I get to meet new friends and my roses and their companions get to enjoy all of the special attention!

This year we had two garden days.

On the first day a garden club came for a mini lecture on roses and a rose-by-rose account of the roses in the garden. As you know I have a lot of roses (and it was too hot out for them to stay all day), so we settled for talking about groups of roses. Talking about my garden is something I love to do, so I loved their excitement and their enthusiasm for “the talk.” 🙂 They were just the sweetest group! I hope they come again!


That same evening was “open garden” for my master gardener group. It is a special time indeed when you get to invite those in your garden group. Most of them had never been to my garden so that made it all the more fun. For this event I had a lovely co-hostess, Campbell. Campbell has become interested in gardening from an after school program in an outdoor learning center. The Avon Outdoor Learning Center is one of only a handful of such centers. To read more about this amazing place, read on.

The next day was for those who received an invitation because they had expressed an interest in seeing the garden. What a special day that was. Having a whole day to spend extra time with friends in the garden was just over the top. Many of them know each other but don’t see each other very often so it was like a reunion. They tell me it is a gift to them to get to come, but I can tell you, I don’t know about that, but I DO know it is so much fun for me to have them here.

A garden is at it’s best when it is filled with friends and mine was filled to the brim! As fun as this year was, I am already planning for next year.



A special treat for those who came was the chance to win a rose from Country Harmony–a local IGC. Country Harmony has a amazing selection of plants, specialty foods and home decor. Eloisa Garza, my friend from both the Indianapolis Rose Society and the Hendricks Co. Master Gardeners, won the gift certificate. She was so excited as she is just getting started with roses and can’t wait to add a new one! Big thanks to Country Harmony for the donation! To see what’s going on at Country Harmony, follow them on Facebook here…


Here is a gallery of pictures from this special week… (Click on any of the pictures to activate the gallery feature.)

In May we had special visitors to the garden too…

Wilbur Tague, a friend and local photographer, called to see if he could bring by a couple who were looking for a special place to have their wedding pictures taken. And here they are. Meet Tara and Gabriel… Aren’t they adorable? I just loved it that they came!


Thanks for stopping by! To read about last year’s open garden day, click here.


What’s buzzing in your neck of the woods?🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝



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