Why Do We Need the Rain Anyway?

When my children were small one of our favorite shows was Sesame Street. In fact, I am proud to say that I carry many of the lessons I learned during that era with me. Important things like…

EXIT is the “way way out.”  -The Alphabeats

Life is better with cookies.  -Cookie Monster

Even grouches are lovable and need friends. -Oscar the Grouch

How to deal with misunderstandings and how to be a friend. -Big Bird

How much fun it is to take a bath with a rubber duckie. -Ernie

It’s not easy being green. -Kermit the Frog

Fashion is not to be taken lightly and always remember to wear lipstick. -Miss Piggy


DRUM ROLL… The big one for this week…  why do we need the rain anyway! Remember the catchy little tune—It’s A Rainy Day?  Well today I can’t get it off my mind.  The phrase that pays from this video is “every living thing needs water.” I sure wish we could share some of our “blessing” of water with our Cali friends!

After two weeks of mostly rainy days, I can tell you that I am more caught up on inside jobs! My linen closet is even organized!

Many areas in my garden are soaked and soggy but some are just glistening…

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5 thoughts on “Why Do We Need the Rain Anyway?

  1. Such lovely gardens…. The rain is making them definitely glisten.
    Such a delightful post! I loved this so much as I was a Preschool teacher for 20 years!
    I see you have a new blog theme… I love it! I did notice that in the reader your blog comes up but without your blog title. This same thing happened to me when I changed my theme. Something has to be clicked in your settings…

  2. very nice yard there, love all the plants, do you ever watch videos of gardens across the world? I was watching several from england and I am jealous of some of hte plants they can grow there (even tho they are futhur north then me) what they can grow on some of the areas. but their gardens are beautiful. one of the reasons I like to watch some of the midsomer murders episodes (I am careful of which I watch)the show rosamary and thyme, and inspector lewis. they show alot of the background in these shows and I get a chance to see the pretty plants they have there. I am glad your willing to share your love of plants with us so we can learn about the plants and what are availble landscaping ideas and stuff like that. have you ever considered trying to grow needle palm or windmill palm? I read they are very cold hardy and need only to be wrapped with burlap really well or strung with lights. I plan on getting them next spring.

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