Does the heat get to you?

With all the rain we are getting, things are very jungley here! And hot. And humid.

I had the day off, so I went out in my usual July fashion and started taking some control! Things were moved, things were added, some things “are on the fence” and some things were eliminated!

While I am easy breezy on the plants in May and June because I am so excited that they came back from the dead, things begin to change in July … plants have to PROVE themselves to me in July. Do you get a little crazy in July? Maybe it’s the heat. There sure was plenty of heat out there today. In an attempt to “beat the heat,” I wore a very large hat that is supposed to protect from UVs. I don’t know for sure if it did protect, but I can tell you for sure that it made for some interesting hat hair! 😳😱

Regardless of the heat and the “prove me” stage, these guys were rocking my world…

David Austin’s Albrighton Rambler


Albrighton Rambler
Albrighton Rambler


David Austin's Boscobel
David Austin’s Boscobel


Annabelle Hydrangea


Gemini HT
Gemini HT


Leilani Coneflower is AMAZING!
Leilani Coneflower is AMAZING!


Rose companions
Rose companions


Anna's Promise
Anna’s Promise


DIck Clark
DIck Clark


Mr. G's first tomato of the season. Can't begin to tell you how good it was on our BLT. :)
Mr. G’s first tomato of the season. Can’t begin to tell you how good it was on our BLT. 🙂



Lilies coming soon. Look at all those buds!

Question of the day …

Do you like things jungly in your garden?

9 thoughts on “Does the heat get to you?

  1. T, you make gardening look so easy!!! Your roses are spectacular!!! I need to head out in my heat and humidity to do weeding on hand and knee. Ugh for sure. I would rather come stroll in your gardens and sip tea and swing…;-)

  2. Arrived home last night and wish I could have taken some of your heat with me. We were only away 3 and a half weeks but that was enough time for things to get jungly – I’ve got some weeding to do. All my roses are now sleeping and working on their magic within!

  3. I love warmth! I do love a garden that has lots of green… We have that in Arizona.
    Here at the LakeHouse everything is so Lush because of all the rain. But it sure is pretty!
    Your flowers are breathtaking! Loved them all and the juicy tomato!

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