About all this rain…

The weather man says 90% chance of rain today and it is sure coming down. ☔️ It rained yesterday. Wednesday we had 1 1/2″ of rain and Monday (or was that Tuesday) we had 4″ of rain. It’s getting hard to keep track!

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’ve decided to learn a bit more about rain. Next I may need to read up on jungles and rain forests!

For now, here are some rainy facts…

  • THIS JUST IN: In my next of the woods July broke the 1835 record for rain!
  • The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in one year is 25.4 meters (1000 inches) in Cherrapunji, India.
  • Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth.
  • The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.
  • Louisiana is the wettest state in the U.S, which records an annual rainfall of 56 inches.
  • On average there are over 1500 thunderstorms occurring on earth with 100 lightning strikes per second
  • Rain drops do not fall in a tear drop shape, they originally fall in the shape of a flat oval.
  • Rainbows are caused by the effect of sunlight on countless millions of raindrops.
  • Annual averages for rainfall plus snowfall in my neck of the woods (Indy) is 42.4. No doubt we are breaking records as I type!

Blooms in the rain

Here are a few rain-soaked blooms from a quick garden walk in the rain…
Belinda's Dream
Belinda’s Dream … Yes, roses love the rain!


Stargazers ... I love these!
Stargazers … I love these!


Campanulas - Bellflowers
Campanulas – Bellflowers


The first bloom of Aloha
The first bloom of Aloha


I think tomorrow we have NO RAIN in the forecast … let’s just say I am looking forward to that.

I am itching to get my hands dirty!



I was so honored this week when a local paper, The ICON, ran an article about me. If you’d like to read it, click here, open PDF and go to page 12.

10 thoughts on “About all this rain…

  1. Wonderful article Teresa, congratulations!
    Love your facts on rain and your pictures of ‘raindrops on roses’ are so beautiful!

      1. We’re experiencing a cold blast from Antarctica today, I’m missing the New York sunshine and the warmth of the subway! Good weather to stay inside and work on my photo books!

  2. Your garden is beautiful. Do you have any problems with black spot on your roses from all the rain? There is one thing nice about the rain though…it’s easy to pull out the weeds!

    1. Many of my roses are not effected by black spot but I do have some that can get it and with all the rain this year I am seeing more than usual. In between rains I am picking effected leaves. As you say, the weeds are easier to pull and that is worth a lot! More torrential down pours last night! Yep we are setting records!

  3. If we could only manipulate the weather, to share some of your rain with folks in California. I’m in Zone 10 in Florida, where we are having a very dry rainy season.

    1. I hear you are having a heat wave hotter than normal. We keep fluctuating …. Scorching hot and then unseasonably cool. But more than anything, this the year of rain! We are breaking records! Wishing you some of the nourishing rains too!

  4. Oh your garden is beautiful with raindrops. Neat post on rainfall facts!
    Congratulations on being featured in the local article!

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