Rose Eye Candy

Today I had some extra time to enjoy the garden and spent most of my time cutting blooms.

Around here you know that October could throw you a curve ball at any time and before you know it frost is upon you. That means every bloom in October becomes very precious. And, the cooler temperatures just intensify the colors!



My watering can was filled to the brim. Actually I filled two watering cans! Out of the “harvest” I was able to make 6 arrangements. Oh happy day! 🌹🌹

This is the largest one! It promptly went on my kitchen table.



Here are some of the harvested blooms up close and personal…


Neil Diamond HT from Weeks Roses.


Dick Clark Grandiflora from Weeks.


Lions Fairy Tale from Kordes … This one is so much prettier in person! Such an easy care beauty. I bought this one from Chamblee Nursery.


Music Box (Easy Elegance by Ping Lim) with Double Knockout and Flamenco Rosita (Chamblee Nursery) in the background. All three of these roses fall into the easy care category!



Leave a comment and let me know what’s blooming in your garden these October days. I know many of you are on the other side of the world and spring is just getting started and some of you will have blooms until November!


9 thoughts on “Rose Eye Candy

  1. The delicate petals and their fragrance are noticed way out here in the virtual world!
    Such lovely photos! I was wifi free all summer but I did peak in on you once in a while on Instagram!
    I am back to enjoy your lovely roses!

  2. Teresa, Im so late replying to this – many apologies. Oh my goodness these roses are absolutely incredible and such an inspiration! What wonderful bouquets these must have made. A testament to your knowledge and care. Just lovely!


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