Rose Buzz: Gruss an Aachen

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This light pink rose was hybridized in Germany by Wilhelm Hinner who worked for Philipp Geduldig’s nursery in 1908. Not only is this rose beautiful, it is also fragrant and has the multi-petaled lovely old world charm that I adore.

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It is considered by most to be the first floribunda. I have also read it is one of the more shade tolerant roses.

Since this rose grows to only about 3 high and wide, she will fit nicely in to most any sized garden. She did have some black spot issues in July when it was raining every day, but I cut her back, spritzed with Mil Stop and she finished strong and healthy.

I have 3 of these in the garden that were planted 3 years ago. While they bloomed well even the first year, last year was the best by far.

I originally had 4, but one had a harder time over the winter in my Zone 5 garden, so I dug it up. Since I love this rose so much, I couldn’t just throw it away; instead I lovingly planted it in a pot. And, I unlovingly forgot about it. The poor potted Gruss received very little care or water ALL SUMMER. It is now residing in my potting shed where I promise to pamper it over the winter. I just gave it a hardy drink of Moo Poo Tea and we will see how she does.


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By the way, Gruss means “Greetings” in German and Aachen is a city in Germany.

Do you grow this rose?

If you don’t and would like to, it is available at Chamblee Nursery here.  but I wouldn’t wait! Quantity is limited!


9 thoughts on “Rose Buzz: Gruss an Aachen

  1. I love this rose. I love how each blossom can be slightly different colored. And, yes, it is shade tolerant- but it isn’t that fond of it. When a shrub grew to shade mine, it got sulky.

      1. Teresa,
        I always look forward to your rose advice. I immediately ordered this rose and can’t wait to grow it. Thanks for all your help.

  2. Gruss an Aachen is overwintering in my garage waiting to be put in the ground in the spring. She will be planted with Marchesa Boccella and Constanze Mozart (First Crush). Since it has such high marks I am wishing I had bought more than one. On your potted rose – my Lunar Mist was still in it’s little 4″ nursery pot when it got lost during a wind storm. Was found 2 years later with most of the pot missing, almost all of it’s soil gone, roots exposed and in pretty sad shape. I planted it and it immediately shot up new growth and grew quickly into one of my best climbing roses. Roses are tough.

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