Bloom Thyme: Reunions in the Garden

Spring is a time for reunions in the garden … ones I have been waiting for all winter. Reunions like…

Me and the Queen

I have had the Queen of Bourbon for more than 20 years. This rose can take a lot — even a bit of shade which is good because the tree near her is getting bigger!😁

It is a happy day when she starts blooming. Her bloom thyme is short, but that’s okay her beauty and fragrance make up for it. Welcome back old friend!




Rugosas and Pollinators

The pollinators can’t get enough of the Rugosas… neither can I.

IMG_1775 IMG_2221

Iris and Fish

These iris have been surrounding our little fish pond for years. I miss them when they are gone, so they are a very welcome sight.


Harison’s Yellow and Bird House

Mr. Harison has been in our garden for more than 25 years. The birdhouse joined him about three years ago, and together these guys add extra charm to the potting shed area. Good to have them back together! And, oh so good to see Mr. Harison again! Hum, looks like that birdhouse is gonna need a coat of paint before next year. Oh Mr. G! For more about Mr. Harison’s story, read on.

Yes… the garden and I are reunited, with more blooms coming every day …. and it feels so good.

Are there “reunions” in your garden that you are
particularly excited for each year?


6 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme: Reunions in the Garden

  1. This is too gorgeous for words, I can imagine it is wonderful to have the bees and the birds return to the garden also. What birds can I hear happily chirping in the background?

  2. So lovely, as always. I especially love your Rosarie de l’Hay. To answer your question, yes! I have a couple of shrub roses that have been in my garden at least 15 years and I have never seen a bloom, but with deer fencing this year, they are bursting with blooms. One is Magna Charta and I’ll take a picture of the other one to Northland Rosarium for identification. I can’t stand not knowing who my roses are. I need to get reacquainted with these two.

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