Little Garden Helper

In California everyday is perfect for gardening! And, in my world there is a bonus… a grandboy who is my favorite little garden helper. He may be small but he is enthusiastic, energetic and has all the right tools for the job!


Smooth hand with the water wand.

IMG_4040 (1)

A gentle touch with the baby plants.


Leaf gathering … made easier using his shopping cart and “garden pouch” as he calls it.

(Actually this pouch is Bob Blomberg’s Gardener’s Hollow Leg, Jr.)

Heading to the green compost bin.

Heading to the green compost bin.

Find the ripe tomatoes.

Finding the ripe tomatoes.

Eating right off the vine is the yummiest.

Eating right off the vine is the yummiest.

Yes, the future of gardening in California is in good, no great, hands!


8 thoughts on “Little Garden Helper

  1. I wish that you would submit these photos to Fine Gardening! Fans would eat H up! He is a perfect doll and gma is imprinting him with the best lifelong experiences! Hugs to you all! xo

  2. I imagine that this day spent with your grandson will be the highlight of your gardening season. Congratulations, this is a beautiful experience you’ve shared with us. Good luck , Joe

  3. Beautiful child, beautiful photos. I love seeing kids getting introduced to gardening early. And thanks for the props about The Gardener’s Hollow Leg Jr.! We had kids in mind when we designed it.

  4. What a precious gift you are sharing with this little man, it will be a wellspring of joy and happiness for him to draw upon for the rest of his life!

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