Potting Shed Review: Move Over Christmas Cactus!

Move over Christmas Cactus, we’re moving back in says the geraniums, a few herbs and some roses! Space in the Potting Shed is limited and  there’s a bit of overcrowding happening!


Just when the Christmas Cactus is getting ready to bloom and show its stuff, here comes the 24 degree nights and all the “others” seeking shelter from the cold come running in.

It is a bit of a family reunion as some of these geraniums have been around for many, many years. They get huge every summer and grace the deck and potting shed porch with their lovely blooms. In late fall they get a “hair cut” to  help them fit their winter space. The best thing about it, they recover quickly and go back to blooming and bloom most of the winter!



The bay tree just about stayed out toooooo long as some of the leaves are nipped. He’ll need a bit of Annie’s Moo Poo tea to “recover.” I’m brewing up a fresh batch to soak the amaryllis bulbs in and get them planted this week! Some years I plant one or two amaryllis bulbs and sometimes I plant a dozen!  For tips on growing amaryllis, read on here.  They are super fun!

Today’s Brew Station…

More Winter Neighbors…

There’s a collection of roses … starts of the Peggy Martin rose from this summer’s Rosefest. A healthy start of David Zlesak’s Above and Beyond, a beloved start of Barbara’s Pasture Rose (more about that coming soon) and even a tiny Beverly HT that was left behind in a corner over the summer. And, there are jars of cuttings of various annuals I don’t want to lose completely!




Maybe, in the potting shed there is a bit of overcrowding … books, plants and tools are packed in, but I prefer to think of it as “cozy.”


Before we know it, it will be time to…


All’s good.

6 thoughts on “Potting Shed Review: Move Over Christmas Cactus!

  1. Your potting shed does look so cozy, I wouldn’t mind moving in and rubbing shoulders with the geraniums! A very inspiring space!

  2. It all looks so clean,neat & orderly I don’t think the word shed really applies. Everything in there is so well crafted just like your potting bench that I’m betting it’s your husband’s work . It looks like you are off to a running start for next spring.
    I like the photo array in your work area a lot.
    Good luck, Joe
    P.S. Do you have a c.d.player out there ?

    1. Mid summer you would not see the “clean, neat and tidy”! LOL The entire potting shed was built by Mr. G as a Christmas gift to me many years ago! The original intent was garden office / potting place… And, if the truth be know, as an “encouragement” for me to take a good amount of my garden “stuff” out of our living space. 😃 The photo grouping is my inspiration board! Extra bonus: This tiny space has WIFI! All the best to you!

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