It’s that time of year — time to watch for the blooming of the forsythia as it heralds in the gardening season for me and a time to remember…

The Garden Diary

Even though they don’t rate as high on my list as roses, herbs and hydrangeas, forsythias do have a special place in my heart for several reasons.

REASON #1: Forsythia blooms signal it is time to give my roses their spring trim.

REASON #2: Just when winter is at it’s most dreary and I am ready to scream, out pops these bright, beautiful blooms.

REASON #3: Forsythia can be forced to bloom inside even before it is warm enough to bloom outside. Another late winter perk.

REASON #4 (And, the most special reason): My parents loved forsythia. As most of you know, my dad passed away in January of 2013, and one of his last conversations about his yard was that he was looking forward to seeing the forsythia bloom. That now takes forsythia to another level!

I cut some of Dad’s forsythia in hope that I could force it…

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3 thoughts on “FORSYTHIA, ROSES & LIFE

  1. It is still too cold where I am to have the forsythia bloom. I have made cuttings from the original ones I got from the Arbor Day Foundation. It gets a bit dry here in summer, but they survive with heavy mulch. I am sorry to hear your father passed away. I actually do have a forsythia planted here in my mother-in-law’s memory.

    Oddly enough, our daffodils formed buds before Christmas, and stayed in a sort of stasis until February.

    1. We are having such an unusual year here too… we may not be able to count on the forsythia as we have in the past. One day super warm and the next day is could plummet! Yikes, what will this growing season bring! Always an adventure!

  2. The forsythia seems like a scout that tells the others it’s safe to come out but not this year. We have a few daffodils in bloom, the camellias are ready but the forsythia seems confused. Last week we had 72 deg. several days & 27 deg. & frost this morning. Thank you for the tender story about your Father, it brought back memories of my Dad’s last night & his last words to me. It will be 20 yrs. this April 8.
    Good luck this spring, Joe

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