Mr. Rogers Does It Again and Again

Today is day 2 of being home for our health and others and I am remembering a sweet song from Mr. Rogers… Let’s Think of Something to Do While We are Waiting…




My SOMETHING to do this week is planting those cold crop veggies and flowers and starting seeds inside.

First, I’m getting seed packets organized (and I have a ton of them)…

A new flower I picked up at Renee’s Garden online that I am VERY excited about is this cutie…

I have white and blue but never this color! If you are interested, check it out here

Look at this stunner! Earl Grey Larkspur from Renee’s too. The name alone!! I soooo want this one to do well but I’ll admit that Larkspur often is tough one for me. There have been years where it self seeded with will abandon and years I can’t get a thing going even with the very best seeds and care.

Another one I am excited about is the Cupcakes Mix I picked up in the UK last summer.

My roses will love all their new garden companions!

… at 4′ high, these will be spectacular!

Seed starting station…

This picture does not tell the entire story. Before I could set up my new grow light… it took quite a while to find homes for all the plants that usually reside here in the winter. But they are happily in their new spots and we can get onto seed starting.

I bought a couple of new grow lights this year and they came with this simple but helpful stand. My old ones where way past their prime and this one was so easy to pick up at Lowes. I’ll let you know what I think.


🌱Each day there is more and more green and I am grateful.



Friends, I am wishing you a wonderful spring season that is sprinkled with beauty, love and an extra measure of health and safety while we deal with this horrible virus that has us all on edge.

The garden is a place of comfort and healing for me and I pray it will be for you too.

The National Garden Bureau shared this on Instagram… 

We learned with the release of the Mr. Rogers movie last year that his words have the power to speak to all of us regardless of our age. So, I’ll will say goodbye for today with more good words from Mr. Rogers…

4 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers Does It Again and Again

  1. I loved listening to the Mr. Rogers’ song and enjoyed seeing all of your seed packets again. Loved the cupcake Cosmos, so pretty. You could use those flowers on a cake for decoration. With our mild winter here in VA, my yard/garden is beautiful, like Paradise. I have so many different varieties of daffodils in bloom right now (some scented), camellias still blooming, quince still blooming, pansies and wild violets in bloom, and yellow bells or forsythia in full bloom. I can’t wait for the cherry trees to bloom and my crabapple tree. Thanks for your blog and hope you had a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day today.

  2. Renee is right down the road. I pruned fruit trees for her neighbor earlier. Yet, I can not find her seeds in the local hardware store! I would need to order them online too.

      1. Oh, yes. I have tried most of the nasturtiums, and sent several of the sweet peas to my niece over the years. I don’t try many of the vegetables though, because I get plenty of seed from my favorite varieties.

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