Stay Home / Hunker Down / Quarantine

Let me just confess this right up front … I am not a big collector UNLESS it is roses, flowers and books about roses, flowers and gardening. And, I’ll confess to being a book stacker. I have stacks of books everywhere. Everywhere.

Every nook and cranny in the house. Then there’s the Potting Shed where the bulk of the books are. And did I mention we have a little Library Room and a book shelf on my garden porch and it just goes on.

I get so much from these books. I learn of course, but it is so much more than that. The books themselves make me feel attached to those who wrote them – even if they lived in another time period and they attach me to others that read these books too. In this time of social distancing, this is a huge blessing.

You can read how one rose and the book by the hybridizer has weaved its way into my garden experience in a marvelous way … HERE.

With time on my hands I even started counting my garden related books … when I got to more than I had roses, I stopped. I quickly moved to “who cares.”🤦‍♀️   Kind of like when I count roses for so long and then I stop because who cares about numbers anyway. 🤓 Am I right?  If I need to know for some sort of census or the like … I’ll have Mr. G count. He always seems to know how many roses I have. 😏😉 I stopped at 200 or so. 👩‍🌾 Who cares indeed! 🌱👊🏻

So, what am I reading now? Here is my current stack. There’s never just one!

In March when we are so close to gardening time, many of my gardening books I read over and over and over – picking out my favorite parts to encourage me while I wait on true gardening days. Note: We have had so much rain and some snow too – enough that my garden has been flooded in some places and I don’t even want to walk on it. We NEED SUN and some warm days

Both Chasing Vines by Beth Moore (link) and Live in Grace/Walk in Love by Bob Goff (link) are my “dailies” and are invaluable to me during a season that contains words like pandemic and quarantine. These two books teach, inspire, comfort and love me on every page. If you don’t know about the NIV Gardener’s Bible (link), it is a treasury of garden related studies, essays and historical information weaved through scripture.

What books are you reading? Anything you think I need! LO

When you need a break from books, check out what we are talking about on the Rose Chat Podcast … these gardening greats inspire me too. (link)


🌱Celebration! 🌱 My Steak Sandwich tomatoes have germinated along with some other things!



I also was able to get my hands in the dirt while potting up some barefoot roses for our societies fundraiser!

Friends, I pray you are surrounded by everything you need.

Please take every precaution and stay safe. We are so blessed that through all of this, we have more time at home and more time in the garden.

13 thoughts on “Stay Home / Hunker Down / Quarantine

  1. 🙂 I have learned to love IKEA because of all my books they are stacked everywhere,
    I love gardening books of all kinds, (and many more different ones)

    the photo of books has me on another hunt for more books 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, as I hope you will
    Be Well.. Be Safe too

    this was a post that makes us smile a much needed in these crazy daze… I will watch the videos after I walk Dakota
    he is watching me patiently,

    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. oops, I meant to say I love IKEA because I can afford their bookcases and they are well made even if I have to put it together
      anyway, Thank you again for your blog

  2. I enjoyed reading about the Francis Lester Rose and the Peggy Martin Rose and seeing the photos. I have the yellow Lady Banks Rose and another rambler whose roses look like apple blossoms. That is why I purchased it. My Lady Banks has tiny buds on the long canes now ready to bloom, but we have had a cool and rainy spell (raining all week off and on). In today’s mail my ARS magazine came. I’m sure you take that magazine, too. My husband and I love books. I especially love cookbooks, and this afternoon I baked a pound cake. I love photography also and have taken lots of pictures of my spring flowers. My Japanese cherry tree and my crabapple tree are in full bloom now. We both love to read and listen to music. If you google Nat “King” Cole’s Christmas song, “A Cradle in Bethlehem,” I feel you will love it, and do watch the pretty snow pictures while enjoying the lyrics. It is inspirational to me during all of this pandemic crisis. No more school this academic school year in my area. We are staying home. Look forward to your blog. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the Cradle in Bethlehem tip – we are listening now. You are so correct, it is inspiring. Love hearing about your garden. The ramblers sound enchanting. We are trying to enjoy this season of more time at home and more time in the garden. I believe starting today our weather is improving a bit. So looking forward to GREEN. xo

  3. Hi Teresa! Love your blog, there’s always something I learn on here. It’s like a conversation with you! I don’t have many garden books but there is one I always come back to read and that is “The Garden at Highgrove”, it’s a treasure! The other two are “One Hundred English Gardens” and “Secret Gardens”. Your blog is a nice retreat from all that’s going on. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. In regard to my Rambler rose whose roses look like apple blossoms, I found it on the internet. The rose IS named Apple Blossom indeed! I thought it was that name before now. If you google Apple Blossom Rose photos, you can see several pics of it and read the provenance of it. I have had it for a long time, and I just love it!

  5. I found your Lester E. Francis rose today, and its roses look like apple blossoms and is very fragrant.

  6. Do you have milkweed in your garden for the Monarch butterflies? If so, I learned today that it is a very toxic/poisonous
    plant and can cause blindness if gotten into one’s eyes. Please be aware of this and handle it carefully if you already have it in your yard/garden.

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