Bloom Thyme Friday: Spring is Springing

Let’s forget the fact that we woke up to a bit of snow this morning… and move onto spring things.

Daffodil blooms have been spectacular. Some are fading and that is where my relationship with daffodils gets “complicated.” The die back process. Yes I know I know that the die back feeds the bulb for strong beauty next year BUT it makes things messy at a time when my early roses are getting ready to be amazing. I’ve tried everything … braiding them, covering with mulch and getting frustrated and just cutting them back. Some are forgiving of all that and some not so much. This year I seem to be more patient with every thing so maybe I’ll just let them be. Maybe!

Bloomerang Lilacs coming back!

Trillium will be blooming soon!



One of my fondest memories of home grown food from my childhood was the potatoes. Nothing you can buy tastes like the potatoes I remember. So, this year I am growing them. I have a little section between two raised beds and the herb garden that has never been planted. Last  year cosmos made their way there and did ok. But I am trying to make “yard” perform as “garden” and around here “yard” is somewhat like concrete. So I have been digging in some good garden soil to up my chances of having some good potatoes.

I had this potato “whim” about the time quarantine was becoming a common word around here so I snatched a bag of Kennebec seed potatoes (the ones my dad grew) and I am so glad I did. #fingerscrossed Any tips?


Removing a patch of euonymus – you know the creepy invasive kind. Been around here for so many years and it is time to go. Can’t wait to see something pretty in it’s place. Wish I would have taken a before picture!


All but a few of the large rambling and old garden roses have been pruned and fertilized! YAY!! CELEBRATE! 🍷

Most are looking really good.

Darcey Bussell gave me a scare when I first pruned her but she has bounced back very well.

Two new roses came this week that I am very excited about. Do you grow them?


Rhododendrons are stealing the show this week and making the swings a very inviting place to be – if the temperatures go back up. It was icy today!



​With all the unusual things going on around us, I am praying that you and your family are safe and have a wonderful time celebrating this special weekend. We will be celebrating the empty tomb and Christ’s resurrection. Matthew writes about it so beautifully and takes us from the horror of Friday to the celebration Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Spring is Springing

  1. Beautiful photos! Enjoyed seeing all of them. You photograph so well and write well, too. So happy that I had not turned my computer off tonight. Thank you very much. I have made a lovely display with a “He is Risen” garden flag that has a wooden cross, a purple cloth draped on the cross, and lots of white Easter lilies on it with my large purple pansies and lavender and purple pansies in pots in front of the garden flag.

  2. No tips on potatoes. One of my roommates in college grew them very well in the coastal sand. I had much better soil here, but they failed miserably . . . until I ignored them, tilled the soil the following year, and planted something else in the site. They grew like weeds, and I let them; but they only produced on their own terms. Some people do well with them. I, however, have no tips.

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