Sometimes by Step

Today is a Potting Shed Day and I am thinking about all the steps in our lives right now. We are carefully going through steps to avoid COVID-19:

  • Stay Home
  • Wash your hands
  • Don’t touch your face

I am also going through steps to see that my seedlings have the very best chance at making it into the garden to flourish.

All of these steps remind me of one of my all time favorite songs Sometimes by Step by Rich Mullins.

Rich Mullins’ music is my go to music and has been since the release of SONGS in 1996. I have it blaring in the Potting Shed today. This is my go to music in good times, bad times and when I need an extra measure of closeness to our Creator. Every song speaks to me. Do you have music that speaks to you at a time like this – when a pandemic rages around us?

My job today is potting up my seedlings. Some have needed this for some time. 🤦‍♀️ 

Let me go back and tell you about my original plan as far as seeds were concerned back in January … Plant a few tomatoes, some zinnias and a few things for FUN!

Practically every day since the pandemic hit our daily life, I have pulled out more seeds. I am so thankful for my hoarding tendencies when it comes to plant containers and seeds. I bought a few things this winter but not what I would have bought if I had known. It is probably good to note that my last trip out before quarantine was not the grocery story – it was Lowes for a few extra seeds and pansies. I WISH I HAD BOUGHT TONS MORE! While on that Lowe’s run, I was caught by my daughter who called and asked where I was. I couldn’t lie. Her reaction was, I WANTED YOU ON QUARANTINE YESTERDAY – now go home! 🙄

Now that I’ve confessed all that, let’s get to the tasks for today. I’ll take you through my process since several have asked but know this – I have never done mass production before. Some of these STEPS are not tried and true because I am using what I have on  hand.  Thanks for going through this experiment with me. I’ll share reports later.

Click on an image to open the gallery…

There are still many steps to go and pitfalls to avoid before we are successful –  like damping-off and too much “outside” too soon. Damping-off is a real issue for me as I tend to over water – which I equate to over loving.

These are scary times friends, but we are learning so much from the experiences too. My son put on social media his thoughts on how we can emerge from this…

As I struggle with all of this – the virus, mandatory closings, the lock down.. I am trying to be hopeful. I am trying to see this as a precipice.

I want to think that we can emerge from this as…

  • people who slow down
  • people who are passionate about our local community
  • people who cook at home more often
  • people who support local restaurants and farmers
  • people who think about where our food and goods come from
  • people who garden
  • people who go on walks
  • people who communicate better with our friends and family
  • people who check in on our neighbors

Changing behaviors and routines is one of the hardest things, but they say it only takes 21 days – we happen to have been given a whole month.

Yes, we can turn the scary into blessings.


There is a lot of Spring springing here. I’ll post pictures tomorrow on Bloom Thyme Friday.

Today I’ll close with another of my favorite Rich Mullins’ songs – While the Nations Rage …


9 thoughts on “Sometimes by Step

  1. It has been two and a half weeks. Coincidentally, I had scheduled two weeks off when this whole thing started, just to catch up on what I was behind on. Weirdly, I am not caught up with what I intended to catch up on in the past two weeks! I am sowing some old seed though, just because I must either try it, or discard it. It is just too old.

  2. I also have a problem with overwatering. I am having to restart my Amy’s Sugar Gem tomatoes and Black Beauty eggplants. The OTV Brandywine tomatoes and various hot peppers did alright.

  3. Thank you for sharing Rich Mullins two songs. A very gifted and talented artist who left this world too soon. As with most gifted artists, they all have their “demons” whether it be drugs, alcohol, depression, etc.. Recently, I have been listening to a James Taylor CD which I love. I got a wonderful surprise this morning to find several of my rose bushes beginning to bloom. I couldn’t believe it as there were four different ones with a few roses in bloom. I ran and got my camera. Your seedlings look so healthy. I saved seeds from last year, thank goodness! But I haven’t planted them just yet. Still have daffodils, camellias, and other shrubs blooming, My Lady Banks yellow rose has been blooming though for the past couple of weeks. Have a blessed Easter Sunday. My birthday is also this coming Sunday. Spring is my favorite season. We are Stay-at-Home (mandatory by our governor in VA), so I will bake which I enjoy doing.

      1. Yes, we have really had a glorious springtime here in VA. And we really have been enjoying all of the spring beauty in our yard/garden. I have white spirea, white strawberry bush shrub, purple Scilla, white dogwood, quince, wieglia, and lilac in full bloom today. And my pansies are just beautiful! We have had very strong wind gusts the past two days though. We do not venture out except my hubby did go to the grocery early one morning this week (for seniors). He wore his mask, gloves, and left his shoes at the door and showered when he returned home. We know this virus is deadly, and we do social distancing (just wave to our neighbors). We even wear masks when we are outdoors now in our yard most of the time. Stay safe and well, and have a glorious Easter Sunday.

      2. The white strawberry bush shrub is actually named Deutzia, and the Weigla shrub is a dark rose pink color. It is so pretty. I have lots of blue ajuga in bloom now also. And lots of beautiful pink azaleas that are utterly beautiful (Coral Bell variety).

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