It was as though when the calendar said “first day of summer,” there was an explosion of color. Summer bloomers joined the spring perennials and early roses held on longer than usual. Peggy Martin still looks fabulous from afar. I love how her blooms dry in place – giving her the look of a painting that just lasts and lasts.


Loving the Etoile Violette clematis surrounding the gate.
Niobi Clematis and Petit Pink Rose
Bright Eyes Phlox
Cerise Pink Yarrow
Down the path to the herb garden…


‘Imogene’ (David Austin) This is the 3rd year for this rose and it is just stunning. Right now it is just covered with blooms.
‘Quietness’ (Buck Rose) This is such a pretty, easy care rose with a sweet fragrance.
‘Bathsheba’ (David Austin) Poor Bathsheba was left out in her container all winter and I was sure she was dead but here she is in that same container. I do need to find her a place in the garden. She has definitely outgrown her container.
‘Champagne Wishes’ (Easy Elegance Series) This color is so rich and so is the fragrance.
‘Little Mischief’ (Easy Elegance) A tough and pretty ground cover rose.
‘Golden Fairy Tale’ (Kordes) Power bloomer and since she is yellow, the Japanese Beetles find her first. 😩
‘Music Box’ (Easy Elegance) Fragrant and pretty at every stage.


Many have asked me to do online tours. My answer to that was to start posting longer videos to an Instagram IGTV channel — complete with bird song and neighborhood activities like mowing lawns and motorcycles, etc. 😳 You can find those HERE.


Last week on Rose Chat I chatted with Ping Lim the creator of the Easy Elegance Rose Series and a New Series called True Bloom. Ping is a great rose friend and it was great to hear his heart for people and roses and his way of bringing them together. You can listen to the chat here.


The temperatures this week have been perfect. It has been so nice to spend time in the garden. The roses and their companions are going strong but the Japanese Beetles have decided to join the party. Only a few so far but we’ll talk more on that next week.

Until next time…

I’ll leave you with the bokay I made this week entirely from my favorite Easy Elegance Rose, Music Box.


  1. OMG Teresa your garden is beautiful! Your Peggy Martin is so pretty! I love the clematis Nairobi pairing, and the Champagne Wishes with yarrow (I never would’ve thought of yarrow). Bathsheba is looking lovely, just the name makes me want to go out and buy it, I loved the movie. I hope it’s fragrant! Your posts are the highlight of my week!

  2. Majestic beauty! Even the Queen would be envious of your roses and other pretty flowers in your garden. You speak of them so eloquently. I love that Champagne Wishes with the white Yarrow! Here in VA we are having an explosion of Japanese Beetles, and it is so hot also. I hope you do not have any deer in your neighborhood. Now, I am going to listen to Mickey Gilley’s “Room Full of Roses” before preparing dinner. Did you know that he was a first cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart? They all took piano lessons and were very talented. Thank you for your post today and pictures of your beautiful roses in bloom. Oh, I love teapots, and I made a lovely arrangement yesterday using my Graham Thomas (David Austin) yellow roses in one. I cut them early in the morning before the beetles discovered them.

  3. ‘Music Box’ looks like an old fashioned hybrid tea rose in form, or a floribunda. Hybrid teas are still my favorite, although now one else is interested in them anymore.

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