The rains have moved in and the temps are still warm so things are looking lush in the garden again and frost seems to be at least a few weeks out! The roses are at that “messy” stage that comes when you stop deadheading but hips are forming and I do love to see those. Other roses are still giving some beautiful blooms and I’m mixing them with snapdragons and dahlias… 


Let me tell you it is hard to go to England or watch Monty Don and crew on Gardener’s World and not fall in love with Dahlias.

This was my second year growing them and I am hooked. And, am spending a good bit of time looking for more. These beauties take late summer bloom thyme to the next level! Some of my dahlias struggled this year as they were in places without adequate sun. Seriously, I don’t know exactly where I am going to plant the new ones — but I’ll think of something – preferably a spot with more sun and there’s always containers!!

Here are my “gateway” dahlias. Most were bought in mixed packages at Lowe’s so I’m not sure of their names. I did plant the beloved Cafe Au Lait but it didn’t do very well for me — again sun was a factor I’m sure.

Click on an image to open the “gallery” feature for a better view.

Cafe au Lait


One of the regional rose trial programs in the US is the American Garden Rose Selections.  They recently released their 2022 winners. As we are planning for what we will grow next year, it is the perfect time to read about these beauties and where they grow best… HERE.

Congratulations to the winners!

Celestial Night
  • Celestial Night by Christian Bedard / Weeks
  • Easy on the Eyes by Tom Carruth / Weeks
  • Pink Freedom by Christian Bedard / Weeks
  • Pretty Polly Pink by David Zlesak / Star


GROWING ROSES SUSTAINABLY with Pat Shanley, Past President of the American Rose Society. Pat has an amazing chemical-free garden and wonderful advice for growing roses sustainably! LISTEN HERE.


I just learned that a photo that I took of Proven Winner’s beautiful rose ‘At Last’ (Song by Etta James) will be on the October page of the American Rose Society 2022 Calendar. I feel like with paper I am going full circle. I switched to online calendars a few years ago but I’m now back to paper! If you like paper calendars, this is a beautiful one. You can order them here

At Last


Like it or not, fall is fully upon us. Things look different these days but if we look, we always find beauty – in life and in the garden…

The Generous Gardener

Friends, I hope your fall is going well. Mr. G and I already have a coffee bet on when the first snowfall will be. What do you think? ☕️🍂❄️

8 thoughts on “BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: October Glory

  1. T, Wow! Your garden is full of blossoms now. Kudos! At Last knocks me out. I dont grow dahlias as they must be dug here and by fall I am plumb worn out with the garden and market. I do have one empty container where I could try one next year. Love the white one featured last. Keep up the good work. D.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog! I got hooked on Dahlias this year too! They have been blooming in the heat of summer when my roses are struggling. I just sent a check to join the San Diego County Dahlia Society today, haha! Congrats on making the calendar!

  3. Congratulations on your gorgeous rose photo of At Last (perfect color, too) as it being selected for the month of October 2022 for the 2022 ARS Rose Calendar! There are so many beautiful varieties of dahlias just like your roses. The lavender dahlias are just exquisite! My roses are in bloom again from all of the rain and warm weather here in VA. I finally finished pruning all of the dead wood from my Gourmet Popcorn rose, and I have a couple of large bouquets from just two long stems or canes. My purple butterfly bush is in full bloom again from all of the pruning. It is so pretty, and I still see a few butterflies and lots of bumblebees on it. Can you grow butterfly bushes in your area? They are so pretty. I am really enjoying mine. They come in white and a few other colors also. My French Marigolds (Ohh La La) are really a knockout! Their flowers are as though an artist has painted each petal (two colors) on one flower. So beautiful! And they are still blooming and performing nicely with lots of flowers. We are enjoying this new season and feel so blessed and thankful for each day.

  4. First snowfall? My husband and I were just placing our bets earlier today. He said first week of November and I said first week of December. We are in southern New Hampshire. Who knows?

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