Summerthyme Blooms……

Wow, the first day of summer is here. Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that I was driving you crazy counting down the days until spring through the Polar Vortex. 🙂 You can flash back to that here.

We have had an almost perfect spring. I have hardly had to use my new Flexzilla garden hose or even a watering can!

Flexzilla demo at Garden 2 Blog… If you  haven’t heard about this amazing NO KINK garden hose, read about it here!

Summer is coming in with a near perfect day that will hover around 80 and the garden is responding with some super blooms.

In thinking about summer I began to wonder just how many Popsicles are eaten every summer. I didn’t find the answer to that question, but I did find these yummy looking Popsicle recipes…


Find the recipes here.  And, if you find out how many Popsicles are eaten each summer, let me know. 🙂

Flowers celebrating …

These are the flowers that are helping me kickoff summer! (Click on any of the pictures to start the gallery feature.)


Stay cool and have a Popsicle or two!

Rose Companions: Zinnias

I have always loved Zinnias–they are such  good companions for roses! However, this year I was given State Fair Zinnias from my friend, Ron Daniels, and the only word that comes to mind is WOW. The hotter and drier it gets, the more these beauties bloom and bloom and bloom.

These lovelies are wonderful in arrangements as they just last and last in a vase!

A big bang for your buck! See…

Zinnia_013 Zinnia_016 Zinnia_010 Zinnia_017 Zinnia_011

State Fair Zinnias ... THANKS RON!
State Fair Zinnias … THANKS RON!

Bloom Thyme Friday

This week most of the roses are taking a break and getting ready for another big flush giving many of the perennials and annuals their “time to shine!” And they are going for it…

See what I mean…

The vines of the Morning Glory have been climbing and twirling around for some time, but this morning the first bloom emerged. Worth the wait!

Morning Glory
Morning Glory

This little bird bath is one of my favorite garden ornaments. It has been in my garden for nearly 20 years. Each year I surround it with something pretty. This is one of the best combinations yet–petunias and euphorbia. What do you think?

Little birds and company...
Little birds and company…

The Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas are in full bloom … almost to the point of outgrowing their space. Love them! Do you grow this variety? I would highly recommend!

Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas on the right side...
Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas on the right side…

Next up are these amazing State Fair  Zinnias–compliments of my garden friend Ron Daniels. Just as Ron said–these Zinnias are blooming machines!

State Fair Zinnias ... THANKS RON!
State Fair Zinnias … THANKS RON!

This Stargazer lily just begs to be mentioned. The Stargazers have had a wonderful and long season this year! And the fragrance … unbelievable!

Stargazer Lily...
Stargazer Lily…

These lovely ladies need no introduction … Say hello to my Black Eyed Susans. They do not know how to be subtle. And, they nestle up to a fence and spill over in the most delightful way ever. And, you know what I think about yellow in the garden—It brings the sunshine in!

Blackeyed Susan making a statement!
Blackeyed Susans making a statement!

Here is the entrance to my herb garden. Love the fragrance of my herbs–love the fence that Mr. G made and especially love the sign that Mr. G made…

Entrance to Herb Garden...
Entrance to Herb Garden…

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite places on earth … My Potting Shed. Another wonderful creation of Mr. G.

L O V E him and all his wonderful creations!

I have never had an unhappy moment in my Potting Shed!
I have never had an unhappy moment in my Potting Shed! The hydrangeas are very happy there too!

Wishing you a wonderful day doing all the things you love to do — surrounded by the people you love best!!

Bloom Thyme Friday: Top 10 2011

In looking over all the pictures I took this spring and summer I decided to pick my favorites. When I made that decision, I had no idea how many pictures I had taken. Right this minute I have over 800 pictures on my iPhone and most of the pictures are of my garden. That does not include all the pictures I took with my “real” camera. Am I obsessive? Maybe.

It took me a little while to pick my favorites, but it sure was fun going through all of them!

My 2011 Top 10…

The spring got started with the addition of a flagstone patio to fill the space left when lightning took our 60 ft maple tree (Click for details.). Most of our meals this summer were eaten in our new outdoor room. We couldn’t be happier with it!

I have several day lilies but the Mauna Loa Daylily was a real standout.

In the early morning my rose garden has a mystical look. Especially when the sun is just right! I never tire of this look!

When I dug some iris from a garden area that was being turned into a parking lot (no joke), I had no idea they would be this beautiful chocolate color. Stunning.

The Bourbon Queen was so beautiful this year, but she bloomed during “the rainy” season and I didn’t get to enjoy her enough. Probably should frame one of her pictures so I can enjoy all winter.

Bill Warriner — a blooming machine — didn’t let the hot, dry conditions stop him. Bloomed all summer with very little down time. I am glad I have more than one of these beauties.

These beautiful Stargazer Lilies were very generous with their fragrance. When they were blooming there was little rain, so we had the pleasure of these lovely blooms for a long time. I wanted to put them in a vase but just couldn’t cut them.

Black-eyed Susans in mass are always a show stopper. I love it when they peak through the fence.

This container was beautiful all summer. The coleus grew to be 3’tall and very beautiful. The lite green variegated trailing plant is a dorotheanthus (Mezoo Trailing Red) and I highly recommend it! Also in the container are lantana, wave petunias and small dahlias. We weren’t the only ones who love it … so did the hummingbirds.

The herbs shared their space with veggies and flowers this year. We packed a bunch of stuff in this space! You can’t see them but there were yummy tomatoes, peppers, swiss chard and a bounty of cucumbers. On the back fence is a bumper crop of McCaslin pole beans.

Honorable Mention #1: My first garlic crop… I was so proud!

Honorable Mention #2: Roseraie De L Hay … amazingly fragrant

What was your favorite plant of 2011? Or are you like me … you can’t pick just one!

Attention to Detail

Now that most of the structural plants are in place in my new sunny space, it is time to work on the details.

First up this morning was a trip to Country Harmony. WOW what a treat to be there in the spring. So many beautiful things! Lucky for me, Brad was there to act as a filter and to help me decide on what beautiful things I should take home for my new sunny space! He always has great ideas!

So today it is my pleasure to introduce these beauties into my garden…

  • Polka Dot Vinca
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Trailing Red Dorotheanthus
  • Various Hens & Chickens
  • Chocolate Drop Coleus

Now it is time to get my boots on and get busy. I just love spring! I hope wherever you are you are enjoying spring too!

For me, today is one of those, “God’s in His kingdom and all’s right with the world” kind of days!